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This channel was launched to provide comprehensive Sun Sign forecasts and may develop to include other commentaries on this ancient art which has as much to offer in today’s world as ever.


Part of the appeal of astrological forecasts is that they provide a moment of introspection and reflection amidst the turmoil of external distractions. This can be a welcome reprieve as well as a font of useful suggestions. Astrology is a room with a view, a perspective on the cycles of happiness, disappointments, opportunities, successes and failures of life. It helps us rationalise the journey and gives a sense of purpose and meaning. These insights that can help us steer the helm of our ship in our inner and outer worlds.

The Sun is the light of the world and the signs are like stained glass through which its light acquires nuances and modes of expression particular to each of the signs. This method of forecasting is very accurate in terms of highlighting themes and focal points for individuals. It is additionally useful for individuals who do no know their time of birth. For myself I have found that even with a time of birth, a Sun sign forecast is a novel and comprehensive take on our day to day affairs. This is is partly due to how strongly we identify with our solar drives for recognition and authentic expression. To see the correspondences you can look at forecasts for other signs and observe their behaviour and concerns and see if you don’t know a little more about their world than you did before!

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