September 2015


This month there is the opportunity to grow commercially and organise areas of your life that have been neglected. In particular the home-front along with any skeletons you’ve hoarded up should be addressed. Your partner is very helpful at this time, but you feel somewhat ambivalent towards them. Joint resources may be a source of discontent. Attempt to articulate your needs in a way that considers your partner’s as well.


This month sees a strategic withdrawal to consolidate your goals. Towards the end of the month this introspection may help you rationalise a hot topic you and a partner need to hash out. Notwithstanding friends and business interests meet with luck. These can be capitalised to make some money in the first half of the month so gains and losses balance Libra’s scales.


Your passions are ignited by revisiting an old flame. Growing your business interests may require cutting back on personal luxuries for a bit. Don’t let your zeal lead to over-expenditure, so make sure a scheme is within your gambit. Resentments can adversely affect your health so inject some positivity daily to get back into alignment.


Hankering for escapism may result in excess and over-indulgence. You’ll have to sober up quickly since the time is nigh for self discipline pertaining to health and profession. Pleasant and fruitful interactions with friends contrast with murky emotions around romantic interest. You may want to take a ‘time-out’ before you vent what’s pent up as you won’t be in a mood to be reasonable.


You’re in an expansive frame of mind accompanied by your careful attention to detail. In the first half of the month this line of thinking motivates an easy, profitable investment. In the latter, your acumen may be undermined by an issue on the home front that disturbs your equanimity. Maintain your customary sangfroid and you should be able to sail through relatively unruffled!


Finances and investment are at the fore, and a new car or expensive gadget may be rather appealing. Your desire clouds your judgement and you should wait until your blood has cooled before inking a deal. Convivial exchanges with a partner can shape up into an outing that is a truly memorable experience.


This month the spotlight is on partnerships and making them profitable. Your desire to expand and invest should be realistic and within your capacity. Don’t take on more commitments than you can comfortably juggle in the future. Your home may need a cash injection, but don’t let your urgency for a quick fix leave you at the mercy of a shoddy contractor.


This month sees uncharacteristic hypochondriac tendencies come to the fore. Instead of scrutinising every pang, keep things simple. Routine, exercise and healthy eating will help you manage stress and feel on top of things. Also remember to have some fun! Use your passions and creativity to foster your personal growth.


You’re feeling very romantic and you want to make your create a home environment that reflects this. You want to cultivate the things that you care for deeply and make them a reality. You can do this systematically and with your customary attention to detail. Rather than spending lavishly to achieve your goals, re-organise what you have to better effect.


You’ll be feeling enriched on the home-front and with family life generally. Opportunities for fun activities with siblings and children arise. Your partner assists in making things as comfortable for you. On the whole your self expression is geared towards diplomacy and getting along with others with as little strife as possible.


Choose an area in your life where further study can enhance your material prospects. A bit of luck will get your engine revving, follow through with a plan of action. You’ll find that the resources for this self improvement project are within reach if your motivation is strong enough. Your enthusiasm may inspire your partner to come along for the ride!


Its time to enjoy more of the good things you currently have in your life. Re-organising your finances will help make this a guilt-free exercise that doesn’t involve spending money. Recreation may take the form of a fun excursion with a sibling or neighbour. You may decide to juggle your budget so that you can take a much needed holiday or at least plan for something special.