Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo, 11 February 2017 – A Cosmic Blessing

February is eclipse season commencing with a penumbral lunar eclipse on 11 February and followed two weeks later by an annular solar eclipse on 26 February. Eclipses are often the harbingers of change and have the capacity to startle, shock and surprize. Depending on our own degree of flexibility and (of course) the nature of the change itself, these upheavals can be liberating or disorientating. This Full Moon Eclipse occurs at 22 Leo, a sign noted for it’s it’s showmanship, organisational skills and ability to shine and take charge with dramatic flair.

This Full Moon eclipse is really full of bounty and boon, and as a package is really a cosmic blessing! In the mix are harmonious sextilies and trines between the luminaries and Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. All Full Moon’s represent the climax of our efforts and enterprizes. And eclipses reflect a broader arc- they show the culmination of our endevours from the previous eclipse cycles- in this case the lunar and solar eclipses of September 2016. This Full Moon represents a harvest of the New Moon in Leo 6 months prior. This harks back to the rather auspicious New Moon of 2 August 2016 which tapped into our creative talents, charisma, and personal passion projects. This Full Moon marks the harvest of creative efforts, projects, and business launched at that time. This is where you get to check in to see how those seeds have been cultivated. The pattern of this eclipse will play out over the next 6 months.

This Full Moon eclipse is what is termed a penumbral eclipse- these occur when the Moon passes through the fringe of the Earth’s shadow called the penumbra which dims the light of the Moon somewhat. The effects are subtle and only faintly discernible. This will be a very deep penumbral eclipse however, as the whole face of the Moon will pass between the Moon’s penumbra and is termed a total penumbral eclipse. The total penumbral eclipse will be visible from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

With the Sun and the Moon in opposition, relationships and emotions are heightened and as such we can approach them (when the dust settles) with new awareness of their dynamics and purpose in our lives. Full Moon’s are always a good time to purge and release emotionally, and with this eclipse take stock of and surrender the baggage and personal ravages of the previous 6 months. All the benefic sextiles and trines in this eclipse configuration will help harmonise the tensions of the Full Moon oppositions (Sun opposite Moon, Jupiter opposition Uranus).

Favourable aspects with Jupiter always serve as a source of providence, growth and luck. At the time of the eclipse, Jupiter retrogrades to oppose Uranus, with both Uranus and Jupiter in either sextile or trine to the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter opposition Uranus causes friction in stimulating a desire for freedom from restrictive circumstances, people or situations. Binding circumstances require loosening and review, but we need to resist the impulse to go overboard in our reformining zeal and throw the baby out with the bathwater! This type of visceral impulse is easily curtailed as solutions to our quandaries are presented through the predominance of sextiles and trines in this eclipse. Compromises and harmonious resolutions readily present themselves – with a sober inventory of our situation we can decide what stock must stay and what really must go.

Jupiter sextile Moon; Jupiter trine Sun

Harmonious aspects between the luminaries and Jupiter favour the conclusion of our efforts with assistance from others, providence, and optimism that we can succeed. This positive attitude gets you further faster, attuning you to the needs of others, and them to yours. Group efforts and partnerships pay dividends. With aspects to the Sun and Moon, relations with both men and women, people in authority, and groups are a source of gains and luck. It may be that you encounter someone who has the power or influence to help you with personal endevours and problems. You may do the same for another and find unexpected gains for your investments down the road. Use the cosmic blessing to bring your affairs to a satisfactory conclusion. Enthusiasm and optimism translate into fuel that provides forward’s momentum and good timing- making it more likely that we find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

Saturn in this mix act like a rudder, keeping us on course, and giving us both discipline and a level head. Where Jupiter alone can often have us too readily seduced by pleasure and comfort, Saturn in harmonious aspect grants endurance, structure and stability. In other words, Jupiter provides the advantage or opportunity, and Saturn allows us to make something of it.

Moon trine Saturn/ Saturn sextile Sun:

If hard work, focus, or a sober assessment are called for, Saturn will be the taskmaster that guides, instructs or simply gets the job done. The influence of the harvester isn’t capricious or given to whimsy. If we need direction, Saturn can represent sage counsel from peers or authorities. We’re also more liable to resort to tried and trusted methods, take care of details and have the stamina to do what needs to be done. Saturn here is quite supportive, an influence that can take several forms. Internally this helps for focus and mastery of emotions, while externally we can get practical advice and assistance from others. Our ability to be serious and conscientious is also likely to garner approval from those assessing our work and efforts.

Uranus in separating sextile and trine to Sun/Moon is the wild-card in this cocktail, liable to produce chance events, encounters, and simply changes from unexpected quarters. Since these aspects are separating it may show that disruptions or novel developments are being integrated at this time. We may have been caught off guard initially but are now integrating these changes into the fabric of our lives, our routines. Perhaps an exercise routine that was challenging initially is now part of our schedule, or a chance encounter lead to someone becoming a stable fixture in your life. There may have been alterations and altercations in your work or personal life that were unwelcome initially but you’ve made adaptations and they no longer rankle and frustrate you to the same degree. Whatever the nature of the changes that were presented to you, they are being integrated, even cultivated at this time.

Moon trine Uranus/ Sun sextile Uranus

These aspects can surprize or require re-orientation but they also provide insights, perspectives and novelty whether we want them or no. With Uranus we can always expect the unexpected, or even actively seek adventure and excitement. We are more liable to seek out stimulation or be a constructive source of innovations on our personal orbit. In aspect to the Moon, these changes can be put to use on the homefront and we can re-organise our homes and turf in ways that are quite satisfying and remedial. The same can apply to emotional havens and relationships- these too may need some shaking up and this energy could fluff those pillows for a more comfortable fit. The aspect to the Sun is useful in the sense of providing illumination and insights into our affairs. These can filter down through novel situations and encounters or spark intellectual fervour in the form of debate or inquiry. The restless nature of these aspects is grounded by the presence of Saturn which can temper impulsiveness into trusted reflexes and thinking fast on the beat.

This Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse is really a cosmic blessing full of luck, opportunities, and bar a few surprizes, we will have the ability to make the most of what comes our way. For some this will be a time of celebration and for others a chance to strategise and re-frame efforts with regard to new information and encounters that stimulate creative projects and ventures. There is much to work with in this cosmic array you won’t want to let this potential pass you by. This will enable you to make practical advances in whatever you are passionately invested in.

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