October 2015


Co-operative partnerships are orchestrated to make life pleasurable and harmonious. In a private capacity you want to beautify your home and may choose to invest in this way. Your partner’s resources would help realise your vision, so share your plans with them. Your natural diplomacy is at a premium, so don’t be shy, speak up!


A stroke of fortune puts the wind in your sails and helps you achieve some of your professional aspirations. Keeping your motivations private while strategically improving your day to day conditions are important now. Your partnerships will benefit from your increased pragmatism and altruism.


People in your orbit help you better understand yourself and enhance your breadth of vision professionally. This will give you insight into ways of making your endeavours more profitable. Hard work and realistic constraints will have to be integrated with a more disciplined approach than you’re accustomed to. This is not the time for wishful thinking!


Power and influence achieved through diplomatic negotiations propel you. If your outward show is subtle, it’s no less effective in making your vision concrete. Foreign travel or investment is a possibility and could be work related. Your passions are discreet but powerful forces for improving your life this month.


There is a real push to reform aspects of your personality and behaviour that have caused you problems in the past. You will find yourself more insightful and predisposed to making constructive changes in your life at this time. Partners can be instrumental in making practical suggestions that fortify your foundations and help make your dreams a reality.


Other people are investing in you and this gives you confidence to expand your professional interests cautiously. Some capital may need to go towards paying off debts and home repairs. This combination of settling accounts and growth will give you the peace of mind that makes day to day life more harmonious.


The incentive to work hard and get along with colleagues in order to improve your professional life is pronounced. In your free time, opportunities for recreational activities will help keep the balance. Self-sacrifice with regards to a partner and time spent improving your home environment will nourish your self esteem.


Keeping your home ships-shape and serene will contribute to your physical well being and health. Don’t let your onerous sense of professional duty tax you unduly, establish some boundaries. Your love life gets an injection of exuberance from you which you can utilise for an energetic adventure that’s out of your comfort zone.


You may be revisiting old family traditions and customs that make you feel grounded. You’ll also be feeling very creative and fun pastimes will readily present themselves to take the serious edge off life. Some time spent alone will also be essential for your well-being.


Comfort and security with home, family, and good friends are where you find stability. Notwithstanding you may find it hard to relax. A good outlet will be problem solving and practical projects that involve your partner. Perhaps a modest home renovation project you’ve been dreaming about can start to take shape now.