New Moon in Scorpio, 30 October 2016 – The Phoenix rises

30 October 2016, New Moon 7 degree Scorpio

This New Moon is an opportunity to demonstrate the positive influence of Neptune! Having experienced the Saturn Neptune square till the end of September, I think we are all well versed in the malefic effects of Neptune. In hard aspect, Neptune can drain vitality both physically and mentally making us easily discouraged. Like a drop of dye in a bucket of water, the colour can taint the whole and make one see things in a distorted fashion. This New Moon is a welcome change of scene with Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct all trining Neptune, thus in easy aspect. So lets dwell on what good synergy with Neptune looks like.

Neptune can aid us in our quest for meaning, connectedness and belonging. It’s waters are the realm of imagination and the dreaming mind. Its positive influence can gift us with deep faith and honed intuition as well as a faculty with the visual arts, music and poetry. The dreamy, illusory side of Neptune is aptly associated with film and seduction by glamour and beauty.  Artistic creativity and the inspiration associated with it are some of the blessings Neptune confers when it is in an easy aspect. At its highest, Neptune is that sense of mystical connection and as such can grace us with illumination and breadth of vision. Seldom is this planet rooted in the real, but the ideals and dreams of Neptune can give us purpose and meaning as we navigate our daily lives and more mundane concerns.

Mercury more than any other planet, takes on the characteristics of its ruler as well as the planets it is in closest aspects to. Hence, in this New Moon configuration, Mercury is influenced by its conjunction to the luminaries and trine to Neptune.  Nimble, quick Mercury is sensitised by this configuration. We are more in tune with our desires and purpose as well as the prevailing moods in our personal orbit. This is useful for snap judgments, gut instinct, and gathering information to make logical deductions. Neptune adds inspiration to the mix and lets our imagination soar. With this New Moon, we can trust our feelings, sense perceptions and our intellectual reasoning. This can be crucial if we want to change course, think on our feet, assess a situation accurately and run with it confidently! Some decisions are better made with the head rather than the heart, but how much better when these faculties align. Inspired action is the result!

The New Moon has the Sun and Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio conjunct Mercury at 9 Scorpio. New Moons are a time of taking initiative and new beginnings. A New Moon emerges from the womb of the dark Moon and there is the sense of uncertainty coupled with possibilities. In Scorpio we are in for some ‘deep sea diving’ in this watery, resourceful, and often secretive sign. This sign is capable of some serious soul searching and illumination especially with the luminaries and Mercury here. What might ordinarily be unsavoury work weeding out the dark places, is now a wholesome and relaxed invitation for communicative exploration with the lights on! Scorpio ignites our desires, and follows though with strategy. This sign has an unmatched capacity for resourcefulness and regeneration. Make use of energies to restore, review, and renew!

With Mercury and Neptune in the mix we can weave our own narrative strands, if need be from the ground up. Not for nothing has this sign been associated with the phoenix rising from the ashes of its own dead carcass, or the scorpion stinging itself with its own tail in order to be re-born. This combo of planets in Scorpio has us finely tuned to our gut instincts directing us to the appropriate course of action. Scorpio can wield the surgeon’s scalpel with a steady hand and cut out what is dead and rotten to get to the clean tissue. Mercury is this instrument, and can render us articulate as well as tenacious in whatever we choose to tackle now. If will and purpose has been weak, this New Moon can crystallize your resolve and put a spring in your step. Mercury, that planet of trade, commerce and conversation can accomplish a great deal in our worldly affairs too if this is our chosen platform.

The first two weeks following a New Moon are the waxing phase of the month long cycle leading up to the next new Moon. In the waxing phase this is the time to take initiative, for actionable steps around goals. If you need to sell yourself, commence a phase of development, this is the time for those dynamic actions. If you’ve been down on your luck and downtrodden, this Scorpio energy is good for personal house cleaning. The luminaries shed light the dark hidden parts of ourselves and Mercury is the tool of detachment for psychic self-surgery. For those who have cleared the decks already, a more animated inquiry can occur. The aspects of this New Moon will assist you in selling yourself and your ideas with panache. You’ll be able to paint a compelling picture with words and have the inspirational charge to hustle and maneuver with great entrepreneurial savvy.

Sun & Moon conjunct Mercury

Moon conjunct Mercury

On its own this aspect has your feelings influencing your thinking and you may need to probe around and consider whether the two are in synch. The harmonious trine to Neptune supports this type of inquiry as your intuition will be enhanced. Let your gut instincts guide you in the right direction. This also enables you to give voice to your feelings and open your heart/mind, possibly in a spiritual direction. Don’t allow trivialities to clutter your thinking and bog you down, as you’ll be missing out on the expansive, creative as well as connecting influences. This is very useful if your interactions have been bogged down with a weighty preponderance of mundane details.  If you’ve been holding back on communicating your deep feelings and thoughts, use this to reach out and have those meaningful conversations.

Sun conjunct Mercury

This helps you take the initiative in interactions and communications with others. This can be in business or personal, or both – Mercury is trade and commerce but also likes to move and shake, which is great for that inspired hustle!  The trine to Neptune will aid if you need to sell a big idea or dream as your mind will be incisive and sure of your intentions. This clarity  in terms of your motivation means you know where you stand, and what you want to convey to others.  If you can step back a pace you’ll have a clear sense of other people and how their needs factor in.

Sun & Moon trine Mercury

Moon trine Neptune

This combo stimulates the dreaming, imaginative mind and makes one more empathetic to others as sensitivity is heightened. On its own this can express as healthy escapism through fantasy, but it is also a great stimulus to creative and artistic pursuits. In tandem with Mercury, thinking and logical processes intertwine and lend a voice to this direction. You may want to steer clear of people who will rain on your parade as a negative deluge from another would be a poor fit for this sensitive aspect.

Sun trine Neptune

This duo is productive for getting in touch with your true motivation and direction and applies to all areas- relationships, professional and personal /spiritual.  Alone, it might warrant solitary reflection, but with the Sun conjunct Mercury it is best utilised through communication and action. This could be as simple as journalling and talking things out to render the big picture, or taking the initiative with a business project. Neptune in favourable aspect can connect us to the divine and our actions can be altruistically or idealistically motivated.

Mercury trine Neptune

In harmony these two planets encourage thinking along prosaic, spiritual, or even literary lines.   If you’ve been neglecting the imaginative thought realms, now is the time to wade in. Appropriate avenues include literature, art, philosophical/spiritual avenues of investigation, If you haven’t been able to tear yourself away from practical reality consider this a pass to explore your more metaphysical and abstract ideas and develop them a bit further. If you choose to utilise this in an ‘active’, transactional sense, this could help you sell your ideas as you’ll be able to paint a compelling picture with words.

Inspired action, communication, and creative activities are the flavour of this New Moon. Business, travel, and big ideas and dreams come into play with practical initiatives. Use this New Moon for trade and commerce or for psychic surgery/ self inventory. In whatever capacity you choose to act, use this time to connect to others in a meaningful fashion and find inspiration for creative as well as business ventures. This combination is extremely resourceful and industrious, so make these energies work for you.

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