New Moon in Libra, 1 October 2016 – Bright New Beginnings

October heralds the beginning of new enterprises, a time of newfound optimism and confidence in our affairs. The month commences with an hopeful and constructive New Moon in Libra on 30 September / 1 October. Although Jupiter moved into Libra on 9 September 2016, all the planetary flux didn’t allow a clear direction to emerge from the new configurations in the sky.   (September had two eclipses, Mercury was retrograde for 3 weeks, and  the equinox on 22 September heralded a change of season to Autumn/Spring). October is a more settled and harmonious stretch and the New Moon of 1 October inaugurates  Jupiter in tropical Libra with an astro house-warming party! Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter adding luster to this benefic and auspicious planet. Jupiter and the luminaries conjunct is  an aspect considered blessed, fortunate or simply ‘lucky’ in traditional astrology.

In accord with scales of Libra the sextiles between the Sun, Moon and Saturn, bring order to the galaxy! Undertakings are more likely to succeed through structured effort and discernment. Ideas go from the drawing board into production with duties and obligations handled with good executive sensibility. Jupiter’s gift is his sunny optimism and Saturn the grounding/guiding force.  Look for where you register the wind in your sails and the beginnings of new ventures wherever transiting Jupiter is found in your chart. Consider the house of Jupiter in your personal chart  as well as where it is transiting for which areas of your life which will be a source of development, growth and gains from now until October 2017. At the end of this article I provide a brief on the house of Jupiter and its significance based on your rising or Sun sign. This New Moon aligned with Jupiter is a cosmic blessing that can enrich all of us in unique ways.

The Saturn Neptune square that left many incapacitated and in a quandary of pessimistic emotions is a ghost of the past in this new quarter of the year. This is a new cycle where we are still in chrysalis and there are chance encounters and surprises around every corner! The light breeze is tantalising and uplifting- a boon to flagging spirits. There is a chance to start afresh, to change direction, and to leave what belongs on the ash heap of our personal history behind! There are bound to be some bumps in the road but the difference is really a triumph of faith over a morass of squalid emotional debris! Stray buds are emerging and cobwebs are swept away. Hope is ushered in and there is a fairer proportion meted out astrologically of carrot and stick in the month ahead. Beginnings count, and this New Moon commences a cycle of growth that begins with a rainbow on the  horizon.  The seeds planted under such auspicious births are bound to prosper later on regardless of hurdles/ learning curves along the way.

Jupiter conjunct the Sun

This cuts you some slack and gives you permission to let your hair down! Personal benefits come from increased social confidence and charm. Depending on where this is in your chart, it also signals the beginning of a period of growth in a particular area of your life. But this one will be able to gain and sustain momentum. Jupiter and the Sun are favourable for starting projects in business, study and travel. In the sign of Libra the arts as well as science and technology are additionally indicated Regardless of which direction you embark on, you should utilise your social networks, wit, and charisma to get these enterprises off the ground. Relationships and harmonious interactions blossom and it is through other people and judicious balancing acts that these projects go further faster.

Jupiter conjunct Moon

This placement allows for a sense of emotional belonging and bounty. In Libra this can add elegance and beauty in the home, in the foods we nourish ourselves with and impart graciousness and generosity. This is a celebratory aspect where we feel good about ourselves and impelled to share this benevolence with others. This materialises in feasting, extravagance and a surplus of creature comforts. For some this may be expressed in buying property, for others it is enough to make home life more luxurious and invite guests to share in our largesse. A bulging waistline can be a price worth paying after a long period of spiritual or material austerity imparted by the Saturn Neptune square.

When Jupiter and the luminaries come together one there is bound to be a lot of gas not only in terms of indigestion but lots of hot air expelled through the mouth too! One can think and dream big right now without taking every notion too seriously. Don’t commit to each and everything- entertain ideas philosophically- you don’t want to be swamped with responsibilities brought on by a surplus of enthusiasm in the now. But don’t let too much of anything get in the way of  feeling happy at this time. This optimistic scheming and good feeling is what should be embraced with arms and legs akimbo!

This New Moon is a bright light illuminating all the dark places and if you ride the good feeling, you’ll optimise this period by fortifying your spirit. You’ll want to pursue a choice kernels not load the wagon to capacity! Use the festive spirit to restore vitality, to inspire, and unwind. After the craggy pass and testing trials of September its time to have a breather! In Libra its all about restoring balance and harmony wherever the scales have tipped. Use your critical faculties to assess and weigh the relative merits of any new undertaking and use others as sounding boards to develop your ideas.

Sun/Moon sextile Saturn

This is a stabilising influence which is the perfect counterpoint to Jupiter’s enthusiasm and tendency to over-reach. It allows for a realistic appraisal of what can be accomplished and how to apply yourself to key tasks critically and rationally. The sobering influence of Saturn here is vital to carrying things through and for orderly progress professionally. It’s the capacity that will take things from the realm of the intellect/imagination to completion. You will find yourself able to take criticism constructively, work and advance through the aid and appraisal of peers or respected authorities in your field. You are also able to consider your endeavors with a discerning eye for where you need to make improvements.

Jupiter in Libra – September 9 2016- October 2016


Also known as the ‘greater benefic’, (Venus is the lesser benefic) and traditionally associated with good fortune, luck and expansion. Teaching, learning, travel and experiential activities that broaden our the mind and encourage our growth are its province. This gaseous planet has a protective function and generally take the higher ground or sweeping view, concerned more with philosophy and the big picture’ than the little details or more pedantic work. In routine and mundane matters Jupiter can indicate growth of a less desirable variety- such as fattening up, over-indulgence, or a tendency to get carried away! It is thought that if we curb these types of literal expansion then the higher types relating to spiritual dimensions, philosophical outlook or gains re growth of business and personal capacities are more likely to occur. Notwithstanding, Jupiter has a protective dimension, even literally buffering earth from asteroids and the like. As such and unlike the malefics Saturn and Mars, its lessons and our experience of its effects are usually pleasant and beneficial.  Take a look at its signification of transiting Jupiter in  the house it occupies in relation to your natal configuration.

Jupiter in Libra

The expansive experiential scope and growth potential of Jupiter is expressed through the nature  of this cardinal air sign. Cardinal signs have the capacity to take  initiative- getting  projects and ideas off the ground. As an air sign orientated towards the social dimension and aesthetically inclined this is done through balancing acts within interpersonal relationships. Travel, studies, learning (the province of Jupiter) are undertaken for pleasure of the experience, the quality of companionship and conversation, and for the pleasure of beauty itself. Diplomacy, mediation and strategic partnerships serve you professionally. The discerning aesthetic of Libra also lends itself to  technology, law and the sciences- wherever a sense of balance, proportion and good judgement needs to be meted out..

Libra Rising/ Libra Sun

Jupiter in the 1st house:

This cycle of growth affects your health, vitality and presence in the world directly which can play out in numerous helpful ways. Opportunities for travel, learning, and attracting resources and beneficial partnerships that assist your personal ends are indicated. Your capacity to make a favourable impression with others is enhanced. As the first house relates to the body, this placement can result in weight gain. If you temper the impulse for culinary and sensual gratification this growth will express in more desirable ways. If not, you’ll still be having a good time indulging!

Virgo Rising/ Virgo Sun:

Jupiter in the 2nd house:

A traditional significator for financial growth and increased self confidence. This placement has the capacity to attract more of what you value in your life- typically possessions and  income- whatever you value. If your values are less secular, other avenues will open up to enhance your self worth and resources. Material affairs should be managed judiciously and with a view to sustainability in the future.

Leo Rising/ Leo Sun:

Jupiter in the 3rd house:

This activates the teaching/learning/publishing and travel dimensions of Jupiter. Day to day life and routine is likely to be a source of enrichment and entertainment making your daily fare and experiences more stimulating providing food for the mind.  As such this placement can work to nourish the grey cells, often literally as opportunities to study accompanies a keen interest to do so. As this is the house of communication, this is likely to broaden your sphere of influence. This increases the scope and range of interactions with those in your immediate environment -this being the house of siblings and neighbours. So you are likely to connect with many people. Your ability to make a favourable impression if you need to sell yourself or your ideas is a helpful product of this placement of Jupiter too.

Cancer Rising/Cancer Sun:

Jupiter in the 4th house:

This is the house of property, home, of roots, traditions and the past. Jupiter will work to make you feel more grounded/rooted in these areas. This also favours expanding the home, acquiring new property and strengthening family ties.  Jupiter can assist in strengthening  family ties,  to make home life more enriching.  If you work this placement your home base and a source of strength and stability. This can make some more interested in exploring their family history, bring the family together more often, or settle differences if you are alienated by family. Jupiter here will work to make the home fires strong and the consequence of a more stable base of operation is surely that you will be more effective in the world.

Gemini Rising/Gemini Sun:

Jupiter in the 5th house:

This is the house of romance, pleasure, creativity, speculative risk (gambles) and children. Jupiter here will enhance creative expression and if you have a personal business or passion project success with these are enhanced. In terms of pleasure and fun, Jupiter will help your popularity and interactions with others will be buoyed up by a greater sense of adventure and fun on your part. Interactions with children are advantageous and a source of pleasure. Jupiter here adds optimism and confidence in more speculative financial gambles. You’ll want to make use of your creative talents as they will be nourished by this placement.

Taurus Rising/Taurus Sun:

Jupiter in the 6th house:

The 6th is the house of work duties and responsibilities and health. Jupiter here allows for enjoyment of your work and as such interactions with colleagues, employees are pleasant and convivial. This is also good for the scope and reception of the services you provide- making others satisfied and appreciative of your work. This can also improve the conditions and environment of your working circumstances. A good placement for overall health though you may want to watch weight gain as your digestive tract will be more taxed by rich, fatty foods.

Aries Rising/Aries Sun

Jupiter in the 7th house:

This is the house of all significant one-one partnerships and favours the formation and sustainability of these. If you are already in a long term partnership- business, marriage, or spouse these are likely to function more optimally. Relationships and interactions with others tend to be helpful and avenues of growth, It is also a favourable placement either for consulting yourself, making others more receptive to you, but also good for consulting other professionals (lawyers, doctors, astrologer!). If Jupiter rules your rising sign (Pisces/Sagittarius) it can show marriage or a great foundation for professional business partnership.

Pisces Rising/Pisces Sun:

Jupiter in the 8th house:

This is the house of joint resources and investments, as well as money coming in. For the lucky few it can show an actual inheritance or one’s spouse’s income improving. It does favour joint investments so you and a partner could merge financial assets to whatever extent is suitable for both parties. Like Jupiter in the 12th this can show subtle benefits and changes that in their net result, are often quite significant. This is due to this house also ruling ‘fears and anxieties of mind’ and Jupiter here can help deal with this nefarious sphere with avenues of learning and inquiry that assist in self-mastery. As such it can be a protective influence here especially with favourable aspects. Generally it aids in feeling supported financially through others (money coming in) and psychologically through assistance (often monetary, such as loans) from others.

Aquarius Rising/Aquarius Sun:

Jupiter in the 9th house:

Jupiter resonates with the themes of the 9th– travel, learning, publishing study- its own province after all!- so you may find much more opportunities for such pursuits. As such growth and gain from the above, and a strong desire to expand the mind and scope through study. Typically areas of interest are religion, metaphysics, and philosophy but really all types of ‘higher’ learning sit well. As the house of publishing and communication this is excellent for writing. Teaching is also indicated along with foreign travel should you be so lucky!

Capricorn Rising/ Capricorn Sun:

Jupiter in the 10th house:

The 10th is the house of profession, career, status and recognition for your accomplishments and Jupiter her is good for all of the above. It usually shows people getting acclaim for their work, advancing in their professional ambit, and promotion. There may be more opportunities to travel or undertake study to further your career.

Sagittarius Rising/Sagittarius Sun:

Jupiter in the 11th house:

This is the house of friends, groups, and hopes and dreams.  With Jupiter in the social sign of Libra it really highlights benefits from friends and group associations. These can assist in realising your aspirations. As the second house from the 10th it can also turn a  profit professionally. There is little benefit going it alone in this social house- it is through friends, allies and groups that you can grow- both financially and with  the backing of groups. Since you are likely to find yourself more idealistically inclined, asociations may be altruistically inclined- helping the poor, saving the planet from resource-gobblers etc.

Scorpio Rising/ Scorpio Sun:

Jupiter in the 12th house:

This is just about the best planet to be transiting the 12th house of isolation and self-undoing as Jupiter can work some magic here. This can show work behind the scenes or in isolation, a-psychological overhaul that may be spurred by an interest in metaphysics or the helpful prompts off a teacher or mentor. Benefits and opportunities for growth can come from unexpected quarters. This is very favourable for studies and work undertaken alone or away from the public eye. Like the transit of Jupiter in the 8th, this can show your way of thinking is under construction in a good way during Jupiter’s stay in this house.

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