New Moon in Leo, 2 August 2016 – Regal Magick

The Moon is watery emotions, instinct, submersive, impressionable and fickle. The tides of our emotions resonate with the phases of the Moon, her ebb and flow, the currents of growth, culmination, dissipation and release. As container, receptacle and nurturer the lunar impulse is strongly evident in our habitual behaviour, our environments, and conditioned reflexive behaviour. At the New Moon and Full Moon the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon combine creating a veil which can be pierced for good or ill. This solar/lunar melting dialogue can grant insights into unconscious behaviour, reactions, and any compulsive behaviours. Cutting to the root, we can work on a kinaesthetic dialogue that speaks to the emotional roots of errant conflicting patterns. Behind these are drives for security, comfort, and stability. The vibrational charge of the New and Full Moons are highly charged periods of vulnerability. If we are not our own masters, the gates open to a flux of impressions, from our submerged and often traumatic feelings and memories, and bar that, the media, and even the realm of hungry ghosts. If we are sensitised and alert watchers at these liminal gates we need not fear these influxes, but rather weave our own narrative strands.

New Moons are a time of taking initiative and new beginnings. A New Moon emerges from the womb of the dark Moon and there is the sense of uncertainty coupled with possibilities. This is a germinating period of fertile potential, but the Moon’s light is weak and often so is our purpose. Yet this is when you want to set your intentions and take steps to crystallize resolve. Taking action in areas that require it, where you may have been procrastinating. You may have something specific in mind like a course of action that you want to initiate. The new Moon is the perfect time to take the dynamic steps this project requires. If you are unsure as to how best utilize your energies in relation to the New Moon, tune into the flavour of the New Moon for guidance and inspiration. If nothing else, train your radio signal and send your waves out into the universe in the form that seems fitting- a beacon for love, for guidance, whatever hope or dream you hold dear. Like a magpie you can collect tokens and signs that seem appropriate to the moment and use them as a trail of pebbles to find inspiration. There’s always room for innovation and improvement and choose your buzz according to what has been neglected. Focus on actionable steps around your health, a procrastination zone, or a simple cause that needs your attention and run with it for the next two weeks.

With a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign lighting it up. The character of each New Moon is determined by sign of the Sun and the Moon and astrological aspects that are prominent in the chart of that particular New moon. If the Sun/Moon conjunction is close to an important planetary placement, angular or in a tight aspect to your natal planets, a New or Full Moon can be more potent or ‘felt’ by an individual. This will throw a spotlight on that area of the chart (house, sign, planet) that is more specific. To anticipate this you would need a rudimentary familiarity with you natal planets or instinct for the repetition of karmic patterns in your life. But one way or another we all participate in the ebb and flow cycles of the Moon and as such, can choose to participate more actively if we wish. As such we can set rituals or activities that resonate with the lunar cycle and appreciably improve both the success and mindset surrounding our endeavors by doing so. Instinct and intuition are at high,  but you want to be sure you are operating in an illuminated manner and not merely indulging yourself in craven fashion! As always, ask for guidance and grace to guide you. You may want to keep your plans and intentions to yourself until you’re ready at the launch pad.

The August New Moon is at 10 Leo and as such has a regal leonine quality. Leo is the sign that the Sun traditionally rules so solar drives are direct and in full force. Leo is the sign of directed will, and the luminaries here will want to shine and be ‘seen’, recognised, and acknowledged. Pride, a desire to have one’s talents and efforts appreciated, mingles with dramatic flair for self-promotion. Ventures that serve as a stage to showcase our gifts and skills will work best. We can tap into Leo’s natural charisma and sense of theater to ‘sell ourselves’ with gusto. Leo traditionally corresponds with the 5th house of pleasure, passion, creativity, romance, and children so these areas are avenues to tune into. This is the time to tap into what you feel passionately about, what inspires you and use this as fuel to get projects that are ‘your baby’ off the ground- so personal businesses are a perfect fit. There is the possibility of risk taking and gambling paying off and activities involving children are also appropriate. Leo is a fixed sign so there projects started at this time can have lasting results, utilise it’s organisational efficacy and consider the steps that will take you from here to where you want to be! The major aspects are Sun trine Saturn and Moon trine Saturn in the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius. The combination of Saturn and the luminaries in an easy aspect (trine) is great for productive action, hard work, and sustainable results. Use this focus to take the time to comb through the details, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Make sure you haven’t missed anything, attend to details, and pull it all together.

Saturn trine Moon: This shows up as discipline, perseverance, and doing your due-diligence on the job at hand. We are also able to see things realistically but with the lamp of intuition. This prevents those rose coloured glasses of wishful thinking from colouring in the situation at hand.

Sun trine Saturn: This aspects reaps the rewards of hard work and recognition based thereon. Saturn can show this acclaim coming from people in authority, peers, associates, advisor’s. At this time you handle responsibilities and routine with grace.

Another hallmark of this new Moon is the advent of Mars into Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, a fire sign, Mars is restless and full of ideas and energy. Energy is distributed with great universality with the danger of spreading your mojo a bit indiscriminately. Mars is restless and physically active in this sign, and there is a great passion for endeavors and ideas, for debate and aggressive outbursts. If you find yourself a bit hot under the collar its advisable to burn off ire through physical exercise. Sagittarius rules the thighs and can give a new take on the ‘restless leg’ syndrome and does well being put out to ‘pasture’ (think a brisk trot around the field!) In Scorpio, Mars was intense, subliminal or ‘repressed energy’ and deep emotion and drive which can be a strong motivator for change and action.  In Sagittarius, that Mars drive is out in the open, in a fire sign, and the horizon is the limit- the thrust is the bigger picture!! And yet this is where we often lose sight of our priorities or the plot altogether. Mars is moving to conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius on the 24 August so expect frustrations, restrictions and delays. Please see my article on August transits for more info as to how to proceed when the going gets hot!

If you would like to do some ‘New Moon Magic’ lets break down some ideas regarding Leo to help you focus and set your intention. In Leo the luminaries (Sun and Moon) want to ‘shine’ in ways that bring personal recognition and honours. Leo employs charisma, magnanimity, courage and good organisational skills. We gravitate naturally to individuals with these characteristics and often unconsciously do their bidding, add to their retinue, and in a sense, bask in their light. Their passion and persona are palpable, attractive,  infectious, and appealing. We want to channel this clarity of will, desire, and the confidence to embrace success and rewards with an open heart and innocence. The Sun in Leo is open and transparent, motivations are not hidden, and operates with great integrity and fidelity. They’ll keep their word and they will act with transparency of intention, and consequently you don’t begrudge them for it.

Leo rules the heart, so literally what is your ‘heart’s desire’, what unique skills and talents do you have, what qualities are particular to you as an individual? What passions fire you up so intensely that you pursue them for pleasure? Are there ways that you can pursue and develop them more concretely? Remember that Leo is a fixed sign and consequently has real staying power once in motion and can this fixed influence can yield lasting results. To do this though you need to burn through the paralysis of self doubt and take those first difficult painful steps and keep moving, don’t lose momentum, stay the course by clarifying you goals and desires. Once you have built up the necessary speed and become accustomed to taking action, the work will become a pleasure rather than a chore.

Its ok to be self-focused at this time. There is a place in the Sun’s light for all of us. What are you really passionate and inspired about, what creative work have you undertaken that deserves recognition? So often our own inner critic and self doubts drain our energies and confidence. We take things very seriously and don’t prioritise our human need for play, fun, creativity and acknowledge our spirit pines for recognition and praise for our efforts. In the media, happiness and success are really convoluted and we confuse rewards for success- rather than the sustained efforts and actions that result in rewards. Happiness is the natural consequence for consistent right action and developing your ideas and passions tangibly. This is not accidental/instant fame, but what we do that deserves praise and taking the time and effort to develop projects and plans that we are passionate about.

A Ritual framework to get your passion project fired up for sure success!

With focused, conscious intention and tangible actions the energies of this New Moon in Leo can be a potent magical catalyst to get your personal creative project of the ground and on a sure path to success. You will be planting the seed of a new venture and with the culmination of the full moon in Aquarius you can start to reap the rewards of your diligent work and magical intention. To start off you need a clear defined statement and goal of what project you want to pursue.

Key concepts for this new moon in Leo to help you define your goal would be:

  • Playful creative projects – what makes you feel like a child again? Energised, playful and full of joy.
  • New beginnings – what dreams or ideals have been on your mind that you have not pursued?
  • Courageous actions – What have you been afraid to do or pursue? Be it through self doubt, fear or criticism?
  • Self expression – How can you make your unique talents shine and have expression in the world.
  • Leadership – How can you take action and rally the troops for creative collaborative ventures?

Step 1: Get it on paper first.

Write down what you want to accomplish. Take into account that successful magic is a combination of probability enhancement, auspicious timing and guided synchronicity. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related. (Read more here on S.M.A.R.T goals:

Trying to win the lottery or suddenly be a renowned or famous person does not fit this criteria and will fail as a goal. You cannot strong arm the universe, but you can use the cycles and rhythms of the planets to ride the wave so to speak. Think of a big wave surfer. The power and energy of the wave can crush and destroy, but the surfer uses good timing and skill to make the unstoppable and overpowering force work for him/her.

Once you’ve written down your goal and testing it against the S.M.A.R.T criteria, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Cleansing and empowering!

Remember we mentioned timing? This is key, as you want to put all your focused work and intention to plant the seed between the 2nd and 4th of August. So on the morning of the 2nd the first step is to have a good old cleansing bath. You can make this as elaborate or simple as possible, but keep to this basic recipe.

  • Run a nice hot bath and make sure that you will have at least 30 minutes of undisturbed and private time. You might need to wake up earlier to accomplish this if you share a living space with family.
  • Pour a generous amount of salt into the bath and swirl it around to help the salt dissolve. The more salt the better. Himalayan salt would be ideal but you can use kosher or rock salt also.
  • Light some candles and switch off artificial lights. You want to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Relaxing instrumental music and incense is a great addition.
  • Lie in the bath and relax. Focus on your breathing and let your thoughts drift. Do this for a few minutes or until you feel you are starting to relax.
  • Starting with your feet and moving up through your whole body till the crown of your head, focus on each body part, first tense the muscles and then let them relax. Visualise that all the worry, stress, anger or fear is being drawn out by the salt water. During this process be aware of your body, feel the weight, shape and volume. Repeat this process until you feel completely cleansed of all negativity.
  • Now visualise the energy of the Sun coming down in a bright golden beam of light, touching the crown of your head and entering your body. The warm golden light collects in your solar plexus, and radiates like the sun, rippling out throughout your body.
  • Feel this energy descending from the Sun, being poured into you, generating motivation, courage and energy to reach your desired goal. This burning sun in your solar plexus will be like a furnace, a driving force and a well of energy you will use for the task at hand.

Step 3: Do the work

Now that you have set your intention with a well thought out S.M.A.R.T goal, cleansed yourself and empowered your desire to action, you need to get busy.

From the 2nd of August to the 18th of August you will need to commit doing something each day that is aligned with your outcome. Be it research, getting the allies you will need to succeed and just plain ‘elbow grease’.

The full moon in Aquarius on the 18th, is the day of the first blooming of the seed you planted, so like a garden, you need to tend it with care and diligence. Saturn’s influence will give reward for honest hard work done as well as assistance from elders or authority figures, so keep your ears to the ground.

In conclusion:

You could argue that following the above steps at any time would bring success in various degrees depending on circumstances. To an extent, it could be true, but the notion of right action is slippery slope. Often there are a melee of competing voices and desires and we lose momentum and fail in actualisation of what started as a bright purpose..

We’ve all been in situations where we have done our utmost best. We dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, but no matter how hard we laboured, the whole project falls flat and comes to naught.

The missing ingredient to success is often timing, and by timing we mean appropriate astrological timing. By timing action to the cycles of the planets, we are like gardeners. Planting at the appropriate time for a successful harvest. We can till the land for days on end, plant and fertilise the soil, but if it’s done in winter, all our labours will be in vain. So make use of this window of opportunity and test it for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results!



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