New Moon in Aries, 28 March 2017 – Rekindled Romances

New Moons are a time of taking initiative and new beginnings. A New Moon emerges from the womb of the dark Moon and there is the sense of uncertainty coupled with possibilities. This is a germinating period of fertile potential, particularly the first two weeks following as the Moon waxes, culminating in action with the Full Moon and winding down with the waning phase leading to the next New Moon. The Full Moon is a time of culmination, illumination, and release. This is the time to harvest the fruits of your labours, often those efforts set in motion at the time of the New Moon. Full Moon’s also follow a wider arc, corresponding to a New Moon in the same sign six months earlier. As such there are micro and macro harvests to be reaped. Every Full Moon is also a ‘spell’ to release and purge, where you prepare to leave behind what is unnecessary, shrugging off any excess cargo. In other words, each New Moon has the potential of a new start, a fertile crescent for our efforts and imaginings. A survey of the sign and aspects of a New Moon can help us avoid certain pitfalls and capitalise on others to determine the direction we want to take.

This New Moon sees a congregation of planets in the sign of Aries. We have retrograde Venus conjunct the luminaries, joined by Uranus and Mercury totalling five heavenly bodies in this cardinal passionate sign. Of these, only Venus is close enough to be conjunct the Sun and Moon, but suffice to say the potential is there for sparks to fly! Fortunately fiery Mars is free from the action in Aries and safely positioned in the sign of Taurus. Notwithstanding, the luminaries can serve as combustables here and Venus retrograde is a strange bedfellow in the sign of Aries.

Sun/Moon conjunct Venus (retrograde)

Venus is the planet of love and money and these are the primary hopes pinned on this New Moon. The caveat is the dignity and retrograde motion which restricts her ability to act. The traditional strength of Venus is in her ability to attract things of love, money and luxury. Here the retrograde motion points strongly to hopes, dreams and wishes and she may be too eager to please as well as pining for an unsuitable candidate. A strong flavour of nostalgia for things past permeate the scene at odds with the cardinal sign of Aries. The pull is to the past when the energy that should be utilised belongs to new fresher pastures. It might be time to leave and pin our sights squarely ahead.

Lets look for a moment at the significance of Venus retrograde combust the luminaries as the central ‘aspect’ with both Sun and Moon. In Aries the fires of love or lust burn hot in Venus, yet she is in her detriment and retrograde perhaps because her own desires are either clouding her better judgement, or due to making too many sacrifices in an effort to win affection. Also, in our efforts to appear attractive we may inadvertently misrepresent ourselves, bending over backwards to please others or spending too lavishly. Matters of love and money are at the forefront and in the cardinal sign of Aries, initiatives with money are favoured. Indeed the advantage in Aries is to go it alone for a stretch for profit and rein in the tendency for over-indulgence both emotionally and with our wallets.

Retrograde Venus can often signify the return of love interests from the past and with Venus poised to move into Pisces her sign and now rising before the Sun we can anticipate a florid outpouring of emotions and speculate that some decisions could be more troublesome than not. Sure, some relationships in the past may legitimately warrant a second look, but be careful of souring an existing relationship with current value with the oft exaggerated potential of someone who may just be looking for an ego boost at your expense! Most relationships terminated for valid reasons, and while your mind may dwell on the positive aspects, it might be a life-saving exercise to draw up a draft of the negative aspects you’ve forgotten but can surely recall with a little effort!

To be fair, reunion with someone from the past will be a good fit for some under this influence as it is a legitimate signification of Venus retrograde. And with Venus poised to retrograde back into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, it could mean for some a happy and blessed reunion. The same with regards to financial gains re entrepreneurship, going back to a good cash cow or prospect could be advantageous. The key here whether motivated by money or love, is to let the head rule the heart in this instance. Do your calculations in a sober manner and toss aside those rose rimmed spectacles in the final tally. Traditionally wholly new love affairs are not considered auspicious when Venus is retrograde and while life does go on, good counsel would be to withhold judgement rather than fold in hook, line and sinker.

Mars sextile Neptune

This is a mellowing influence in the background of this New Moon chart but one that does stoke the fires of fantasy over reality though not in a dangerous manner. The fires of Mars here favour inspired and charitable initiatives and working for the greater good. It also cultivates a more reflective mood of the let’s wait and see variety. Here dreams and fantasy are stirred in a creative or indeed altruistic sense. This aspect can be utilised not only as a moral compass (if needs be) but if the entrepreneurial spirit strikes can be useful in selling your ideas in an inspired fashion.

Jupiter square Pluto

This one contrasts sharply with the milder tone above and is traditionally considered a call to influence and power which could invoke a certain ruthlessness and zeal in pursuing the prize. With Jupiter pushing for growth and Pluto moving the ground beneath our feet, there could be some moves to extravagance expenditure of action on a grand scale. With so much happening with the luminaries and co in Aries, this could favour the lone wolf style entrepreneur.

In summary, this New Moon could spell the best or alternately worst type of trouble with regard to old flames. Let common sense prevail and show those erstwhile loves with rings (on their fingers!) the door. And remember if you have to pretend to be someone you’re not to garner affection consider the long term cost of being too amenable for your own good. For business it could spell a return to a good thing and some bold risks for the love of the game.

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