May 2015



You’re feeling quite sociable and resourceful and are laying the foundation for cautious expansion. For a change you’re rather optimistic, something stimulated by contacts and conversations with a diverse number of individuals. Further study may help you in your goals.


Mental faculties are sharpened and you find you’re on top of news and gossip. Nonetheless you find yourself entertaining more sober advice and may keep to yourself more than usual to conserve energy and reflect.


Although you’ve taken on a lot of responsibility you’re also feeling lucky and sociable. Enjoyable contacts with friends lightens the load and helps you grow your resources and establishes a healthy sense of your self worth.


You’re front and centre and feel like good things come to you for a change. It is a month of rewards for your perseverance and good attitude and if you’ve been unwell, the healing is likely to nhappen now.


A good time to broaden your horizons and make every experience an opportunity for learning. In the workplace you feel able to express address matters in a level headed and consise way. There is great momentum to express passion in your work and with children.


You feel compelled to make changes in yourself and experiences can effect you in this regard quite profoundly. Study and special outings will give you inspiration and direction for self transformation.


This is a great time for co-operative ventures and partnerships. Its also productive period to assess how they are working out, and whether you have fulfilled your obligations to them. If expert advice is needed, seek out guidance from specialists.


This month, examining your duties and responsibilities and setting limits on your behaviour to achieve your ends is for the best. Try and baton down the ego as you will have to put the needs of others before your own to work co-operatively. Think simplicity and efficiency.


A recreational month for you where you feel really compelled to have some fun! Enjoy it, life can be sobering at times so let your hair down now that opportunity presents itself. In your work, perfection is your byword at this time so you needn’t worry on that score.


You have a mind to expand your home-base through cooperative partnerships that help you grow. Don’t let overly serious thoughts spoil your enthusiasm for something you feel passionately about. Use your heightened critical skills to make it happen through tangible steps.


Casual encounters can be good for your well being, as well fruitful exchanges with work colleagues and associates. Focus on clear communication at this juncture to make sure all the ideas you’re ruminating on are understood by others.


You’re juggling your resources to make sure more of what you hold dear is apparent in your life. You’re very talkative and thinking clearly, though about more serious ways to expand. You’re feeling confident and happy, and this inspires you to take action.