March 2015


All your diligence and planning is starting to bring you the honors and acclaim you
deserve. Still, you may have a few pangs as more money gets invested to make those dreams
come true. Comb thru all the fine details, don’t just focus on the big picture. Be sure all the information you need to act comes to light.


You may be holding back for a bit and catching your breath. Open your eyes, someone
thinks the world of you! Combining your joint resources may be the way to make a dream come
true. You’re in control, but don’t take advantage­ think of a way to serve your greater good.


Try to be more discriminating in your personal relationships and you will gain much
more while still being of service. If you are involved with negotiations in the workplace, be sure to iron out the details in your customary fashion. Friends can be benefactors at this time.


You know better than others that all the short journeys are what make your big dreams
take shape. While the overall picture is satisfying now and you have the tenacity to make things happen­ don’t lose your focus. Pull all the loose threads together.


You’re feeling so driven around a work project you relax a bit about letting your defenses down for a change. Let your passions drive you this time round, don’t play it too safe! Make full use of the surplus energy to accomplish as much as possible.


Physically you may feel like you have a thorn in your paw and want to take a rest. Use this
time to plan for your future and talk things through with your partner. Such discussions can ensure both of you get more satisfaction out of your exchange. Don’t charge in, hold back and think before you take the plunge!


You may be overextending yourself in trying to keep on top of things. Make sure you
have all the facts, some may be withheld with business and other partners. You may have made an investment in something that will give you more freedom. Let it work for you!


An unusual attraction makes you feel entirely at someone else’s mercy! Don’t be alarmed-
if you allow them to take the reins now, in the foreseeable future you’ll find the table’s turned.


Work involving precision and mechanical ability will be your focus and reward. A
partner may be distant, but if you take their needs into consideration you will bring them closer to you in unexpected ways. You can receive professional acclaim now in work related negotiations, but don’t push your point too aggressively­ be diplomatic!


As ever you’re romanced by dreams of travel and higher learning. In your
correspondence and contractual dealings pay attention to the fine print. Your foundation may seem a bit shaky, so pay attention to subtleties around you that alert you to your true calling.


Things look lucrative around a project you’ve nurtured from the ground up behind the scenes. You may be inclined to steam roll your way thru to get things done. Relax a bit, you can count on other people’s co­operation.


You may be dreaming of fast cars and gadgets! Needless to say if you go that route, make sure its a good investment. Its time for you to talk things over with associates and partners as the general atmosphere will be congenial to resolving differences.