January 2016


Your attention is geared towards assessing your resources and values materially as well as your talents and their currency. This can be synchronous with a recognition for your professional efforts and a boost to your bank balance.

It is time to consider a course of study that would be economically profitable or to implement a financial manoeuvre that is sufficiently worked out in advance. If you are single, a new love affair could materialise that is exciting and intense, but may not last­ but, then again, you never know! Tackle your own affairs with discipline and you will stay on course.


This is not the time to let old failures haunt you and impede progress. You are seeking useful and viable forms of knowledge to self-­actualise. If relevant, now would be a good time to publish or to accrue wisdom geared to optimise working conditions and financial opportunities.

You are in a position to project yourself with considerable force and garner attention to your cause. At the back of your mind is a scheme that will require patient execution and methodical attention to detail. At home you continue to be able to share selfless devotion with your family.
Endeavour to do this with grace not ego by trumpeting your good deeds.


This month set aside the time to evaluate your behaviour and customary patterns with self­ awareness. Acknowledge your faults and set your intentions so you can improve your efficacy.

You may feel a tad isolated in your introspection, but this is offset by opportunities for group activities and friendship. There may be unexpected and welcome messages from a loved one. This surprising development may inspire a fruitful and effortless change in your more staid routine and habits.


This month your focus is on goals, benefactors, affiliations and profit from business concerns. In a personal capacity there is reciprocal warm and affection through friendships which inspires generosity. This is a good time to bolster affiliations with groups and helpful associates.

Your mental acumen is such that you are able to work out long term plans quite strategically. This practical knowledge and experience will cultivate the growth of your investments.


Professional accolades and personal gratification arising from recognition are your due now. In addition complicated interactions with work colleagues should be ironed out into more amicable relations.

You’re setting in motion a long term project that will require learning entirely new skills. This is just the time to rise to the occasion as you have the capacity for delayed gratification now, uncharacteristically! Take the time to plan outings to beautiful places, the aesthetics will inspire you!


New experiences and ways of doing things present themselves as alternatives to ingrained routines. This is opportune as you may find yourself cut off from the resources of others (a loan could be denied) or friends and family may not be in a position to assist. You may decide to study or travel or just seek out a unique and unfamiliar destination or diversion.

A dynamic partnership may engross you but don’t lose yourself in fulfilling another’s drives and ambition entirely. The intensity may be compelling, but look out for your own interests simultaneously.


This month you consider your own motivations and behaviours and scrutinise their continued relevance. This may be part of new year resolutions generally, but it is really the appropriate time for you personally. Your physical health may be robust, but your mind may be ensnared in worry around financial investments.

You’ve made your home base a source of stability, so money spent in this respect should be a good investment. Intellectually you may toy with the idea of travel or study­ but think long term as you will want to make it a project that makes your business more profitable.


If you have problems­ legal, financial, or personal, now is a good time to consult a specialist in an advisory capacity. If your concerns are more general, a friend, colleague, spouse or partner could give you the necessary perspective to find viable solutions.

Someone new in your work environment could be stimulating and refreshing. You will also find the motivation to master a new skill professionally and you will have the staying power to see this process through.


This month sees recreation taking a back seat to the numerous tasks and responsibilities. Tackle things that need to be attended to in a methodical way and you will have the satisfaction of a job well done. This will clear the decks for a passion project to take centre stage. either through study or execution.

Don’t be intimidated by what seemed impossible, solutions will present themselves if you persevere. Be economical with your physical resources, and attend to to a priori concerns first.


This month sees more opportunities to have fun and let your hair down. You feel free to express yourself and go out and have a good time. This fire fans your creativity and passion and boosts your self­-esteem. Romance can blossom and if there are children in your life, you’ll engage with them in a light-hearted manner.

Growth with a partner, either personal, business, or both, will continue to be a theme in the months to come. Be healthy and attentive to your needs, but don’t let undue stress about your body become an obsession.


This is a month to delve into traditions and engage with those people you consider family. It is also a period to dwell a little on aspects of your past insofar as they influence your current behaviour. You may find much that doesn’t serve you and choose to eliminate or alter these programs. In tandem with this wave of self awareness, is a fire of ambition to improve your material resources.

Friends and connections can help with these endeavours, so consider the positive ones as valuable resources in their own right.


This month you will find yourself able to communicate your ideas and opinions with surprising clarity. If there are issues you need to explain to others, this is the time to do so. You also feel quite certain of what you want and driven to obtain your objectives strategically.

Lots of short journeys and a change in routine can accompany this mindset. Physically you feel quite robust and vital and able to make profitable connections through energetic networking. This will be a stimulating period of multiple projects and pursuits.