Full Moon in Taurus, 14 November 2016 – Virago Supermoon

The Full Moon is at 22 Taurus on 14 November 2016 and is characterised as a supermoon or a perigee Full Moon. It will be the closest, brightest, and consequently the largest of the 2016 supermoons. A supermoon can occur either at a New or a Full Moon and takes place when these coincide with the Moon’s perigee or closest point to earth. These New or Full Moon’s have tangible physical effects such as larger than usual tides. One can imagine as we ourselves are 80% water, that similar tidal fluxes correspond in our internal landscapes. The Moon touches us in our routine behaviours, our domestic life, our interpersonal and emotionally charged relationships. In addition, the Moon shows moods in the collective unconscious, our response to these, and influxes of largely unconscious information uploaded from the media.

The 14 November supermoon is not only the closest to perigee in 2016, but for that matter since 26 January 1948! Apparently the Moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 25 November 2034. Even if you are a somewhat blunt lunar instrument, this Moon may break through your defenses! For many of us it may well be the largest Moon of our lifetime, so make sure to witness the Moon’s splendour in the night sky.

This year, 2016, has seen a number of supermoons in March, April, May and the Full Moon of December will be a perigee Moon too. Before you conclude that this is a pedestrian event, consider that there will be no supermoons in 2017, as neither the New or Full Moons will come close enough to perigee (the Moon’s closest point to Earth.) To my mind this is a nod to the somewhat tumultuous astrological character of 2016. The Moon points to personal stormy tides and ebbs and flows of emotional intensity and investment. The Moon also points to the masses, to a shared emotional reservoir that we all tap into, and it is unlikely that this well hasn’t spilled over and touched you personally at some point through the ebbs and flows of 2016.

This Full Moon is at 22 Taurus in the proximity  of the notorious fixed star Caput Algol. While a one degree orb is preferred, this occasion is enough to warrant a further explanation of this particular fixed star. In mundane astrology Caput Algol is considered the most malefic star in the heavens and was know by the Chinese as Tseih She- ‘exhalation of piled up corpses’ and is visible as in the constellation of Perseus in the Gorgon’s head. It is an eclipsing double binary star which accounts for some of its malefic character, as objects in the heavens that behave erratically are deemed to have malign effects. Historically this notorious reputation is warranted as its presence is often noted in bombings and plagues. I mention this anecdotally and for historical interest for it behaves differently when relating it to personal orbs of interest.

While the Full Moon does tap into the mob character of Caput Algol, in the lives of individuals it usually shows as a metaphorical ‘losing your head’. In horary charts it seems to emphasise an area of life where a person is experiencing some hysteria and has a distinctive 8th house signature of ‘fears and anxieties of mind’. Often such histrionics leads to impulsive action to alleviate inner tension. For some this may result in ‘going to war’ if the effects are externalised and projected onto the environment. You may also find yourself at the mercy of a seemingly illogical and unwarranted assault! Fortunately, in personal horoscopes this fixed star does not have the body count it often racks up in mundane astrology. How it does tend to materialise is mild to full throttle hysteria around the area of life highlighted. This could be paranoia around relationships, professional life, or even simply a to-do list. You’re likely to realise the effects of losing the plot after the panic subsides and your perspective returns to normal!

As a Full Moon’s central aspect is the Moon opposing the Sun, the discomfort is from the unconscious writhing in the light of solar rationale. The Full Moon is a time of culmination, illumination, and release. This is the time to harvest the fruits of your labours, often those efforts set in motion at the time of the New Moon. Full Moon’s also follow a wider arc, corresponding to a New Moon in the same sign six months earlier. As such there are micro and macro harvests to be reaped. Every Full Moon is also a ‘spell’ to release and purge, where you prepare to leave behind what is unnecessary, shrugging off any excess cargo. Relationships of all kinds are focal points. Our lunar nature is instinctive, conditioned and receptive but also simply reactive! This Moon’s matrix is the product of nature and nurture, and highly sensitive to sensory and imaginal influxes. But before you panic and worry about going overboard let’s cover the ingredients to elicit grounding elements and cover a fool-proof ‘recipe’ to sail through unscathed. Following this advice will not only minimise ill-effects, but simultaneously draw on the material and sensual abundance of a Full Moon in Taurus.

In Taurus the Full Moon can have us setting our sights on a target and charge right in, hitting the Bull’s Eye! If you rein in that primal instinct the following information may be of use! Taurus is a sensual, pragmatic, and fixed sign, so foremost- get grounded. Aim to adhere to a tried and trusted routine, slow down, and get back to basics. Soothe your nerves and temper with material and earthy indulgences. Good food, wine, and perhaps new threads for your person or bed plus some candle lit baths will settle a frazzled spirit. Earthly delights of all kinds are just the ticket to sanity and perspective! Since Taurus naturally inhabits the second house of resources, self-esteem, and money, spoiling yourself is at this hour a judicious exercise in self-soothing. Such actions will serve as a message to the agitated unconscious that you care about your physical and emotional well-being.

There’s no need to go wild, but make the right luxurious gestures to cater to the Taurus character of this Full Moon. This earthy fixed signs is traditional and loves opulence and sensual pleasures. These qualities can be invoked with scents, tastes, and textures so be creative with your self-care. Gardening and activities that are literally fruitful are inexpensive ways to ground as well as reap tangible harvests. Taurus also rules the throat and the second house and encompasses what we value materially and spiritually. Make sure your words have value and your gestures and actions are in accordance. If you still want to go into battle, make sure its for a cause that matters, and make every word count. Taurus is all about solid foundations and being firmly rooted, but this sign can also be rather single minded. At times this can materialise as the proverbial bull in a china shop. With Caput Algol in the mix with a supermoon, make sure this isn’t you!

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