Full Moon in Libra, 11 April 2017 – Horse shoes and Hand grenades

The Full Moon of 11 April is at 21 degrees Libra and its central motif is the Moon conjunct Jupiter and Moon opposition Uranus. Hence the notion of lucky horse-shoes and hand grenades as here is the notion of happy chance meets shocking happenstance. Jupiter heralds opportunities for growth and personal development while Uranus can spice things up with surprises, events, and even accidents.

A Full Moon is a time of culmination, representing a harvest of efforts begun at the New Moon, both the one two weeks prior as well as a broader arc of the New Moon in the same sign 6 months prior. As a Full Moon’s central aspect is the Moon opposing the Sun, the discomfort is from our unconscious patterns illuminated by the light of solar rationale. Every Full Moon is also a ‘spell’ to release and purge, where you prepare to leave behind what is unnecessary, shrugging off any excess cargo. This can be done in the two weeks leading to the New Moon of 26 April. Our lunar nature is instinctive, conditioned and receptive but also simply reactive! Emotions and unconscious drives are more primal and charged at this time, and with this Full Moon, aspects to Uranus make impulsive and rash behaviour more problematic than usual.

This Full Moon is in the sign of Libra, a sign of cardinal air and is all about balancing acts in all facets of life, in relationships, in our private and public domains. This sign is all about aesthetics and harmony so the conflicts injected by Uranus demand the best of Libra’s diplomacy and arbitration. Libra is usually a sign known for weighing all the facts, and imbued with social poise and grace. Yet Uranus opposes from Aries, a sign known for wilfulness and egoistically motivated actions that challenge the harmony of social and co-operative dynamics.

The Moon conjunct Jupiter shows opportunities for growth and advances through education, travel, and professional as well as monetary gains. While these are the outward goalposts however, consider that Jupiter is retrograde granting us the chance to delve deeper and introspect. It’s important to make inward progress too and to challenge ourselves to grow spiritually in this phase. Jupiter here can denote both literal expansion in the material world as well as work done on the inner dimensions as these relate to integrity and ethics. At this Full Moon challenging aspects between the luminaries and Uranus highlight the need to act judiciously in the face of unsettling and unexpected events.

Jupiter conjunct Moon

This auspicious duo denote blessings which range from good publicity and close family relations to material gain and professional opportunities. The Moon here is attuned with the needs and moods of those around you and can generate a lot of warmth and good will both in the home and in the marketplace as it were. If you are in a position to bring your work or efforts before the public, this ensures a favourable reception as well as assistance from women and family members. Jupiter is retrograde and as such can show the return of opportunities and luck that may have passed you by at your first encounter.

Moon moves to conjunct Spica at 25 Libra

Spica is in the constellation of Virgo, a bright, benefic fixed star that has long been associated with bounty, blessing, and a rise to prominence. Vivian Robson says of Spica with the Moon , “Gain through inventions, success, wealth and honor from Mercury, Venus or Jupiter people.” [Robson*, p.211.] This fixed star in this lunar array adds an element of luck and literally denotes the harvest of our efforts.

Moon opposes Uranus

Full Moons are always a time of heightened emotions, and this factors in unpredictable catalysts for outbursts motivated by chance events and encounters with others. These troubles could be within the family or of a romantic nature. Whatever the origin this shows agitation and strain resulting from unsettling and unforeseen quarters. Frayed nerves and tempers can result in rash words and deeds. The need to hold back and settle down before reacting is tantamount as this boiling point could jeopardise the gains of Jupiter and Spica.

Moon square Pluto

This aspect is separating and yet denotes tension that has been brewing due to imbalances of power. Someone may be treated unfairly, even abusively and denotes stress on the body and mind. The Moon always leans towards our personal and private realms so often these burdens are borne behind closed doors. Nonetheless, the strain on an individual can be made apparent through health problems or crisis. Where this is evaded, this aspect can show up as strong emotions in the dark realm of jealousy, possessiveness or a need to control others to make our own situation seem less precarious.

Sun conjunct Uranus

As with all Uranian contacts this promises new experiences and surprizes which can be catalysts for growth and understanding. Unlike the opposition, the conjuction is neutral in its import and can show positive opportunities and insights that come from unexpected quarters. The Moon opposing Uranus could show that provocation can result in insights that, if used wisely, can lead to improved circumstances. The challenge here is to watch reactivity under threat or fire and to stew for as long as it takes to cool down. In crisis too lurks opportunity and with these Uranian aspects with the luminaries, one needs to be hyper vigilant of reactivity.


This Full Moon has the blessings of Jupiter and the benefic fixed star Spica. This denotes good fortune, financial and business opportunities as well as spiritual growth and support from others, The harvest of this Full Moon is challenged through volatile emotions provoked by chance encounters that can fray our wheels and nerves. Keep a cool head and good counsel and simmer down. Act judiciously so as not to jeopardise your gains.

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