Full Moon in Gemini, 14 December 2016 – Curtain Call

Full Moon at 22 Gemini is in the communications hub, our sphere of marketing, media, relationships and collaborations. Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury governs what’s on our mind, and extends to how we speak, move, hustle and engage and extends to the means by which we do these habitual actions- computers, cars, and modes of communication such as letters, phone calls and texts. In an age of marketing, where each of us, as well as a personal business has a brand, an identity, a message, Gemini alludes to our self-emblazoned packaging.

This Full Moon comes a week prior to Mercury going retrograde and marks a transition in these zones and modes of your life. Now is the time to pay those traffic fines and attend to your vehicle, back up data and take actions to conclude the business of the year. In this dual sign its also time to partner up, to get someone on your team. This team spirit is useful to do what it takes to discharge duties and get pressing business wrapped up. You’ll want to prioritise as multi-tasking Gemini can get distracted easily- so keep pulling your concentration back to the big picture- where the New Moon was in Sagittarius. What are you main objectives, goals- and what industry and activities will serve that agenda?

The Full Moon is a time of culmination, illumination, and release. Typically, if you’ve been struck by a Full Moon (where it applied to a sensitive point in your personal chart) you’ll have felt the effect of it around two days before and four days after. Given the nature of the Moon- how it ties into the collective unconscious, mass moods and preoccupations even sans a personal hit, we tend to participate, even by proxy to the rhythms and flux of these lunar energies. Pay attention to how the New and Full Moon express in the mass mind and matrix to better understand how you too are moved when these tides cross the liminal threshold and flow into your personal domain. Full Moons tend to affect us most in interpersonal relationships and this in turn hits hearth and home. The Moon effects our habits and behaviour as we strive, sometimes expertly, often ineptly to make ourselves more comfortable, safe and secure. Full Moons traditionally have a slightly malefic character, observable in our tendency to feel overwhelmed and to discharge in an excessive manner. With a bit of mindfulness this reactivity can reach manageable proportions!

A Full Moon is also the time to harvest the fruits of your labours, often those efforts set in motion at the time of the New Moon. It is also a ‘spell’ to release and purge, where you prepare to leave behind what is unnecessary, shrugging off any excess cargo. The New Moon in Sagittarius had creative action and impetus, with us setting our scopes on new projects, formulating goals. There may have been some Neptunian fogs either through being unclear about where to go next, or been spun a yarn, even consciously misdirected by another. The Full Moon expresses in a clear cut manner in Gemini, with aspects to Saturn and Mars. These energies can help to discharge duties, to attend to routine communications and tasks. They can help us connect, collaborate, to hustle, trade, and converse. We are more inclined to seek mental stimulus and inspiration through our friends, community and partners. Exciting news can be relayed through letters, phone calls, or emails. Traffic fines and their ilk can also filter through! Information overload and having our attention span hijacked by trivialities is a common problem, so be discerning with what you take in. Make sure quality news wins out over the mental equivalent of spam.

The Full Moon of 14 December is at 22 Gemini with separating aspects from Saturn and applying aspects to Mars. This suggests completing unfinished business and fulfilling duties and obligations. Mars supplies the energy to buckle down and get things done. Mars in good aspect can show healthy ego drives and self assertion allowing individuals to advance their interests, desires and drives without too much carnage! In Gemini there is much resourcefulness, multi-tasking, conversation and hands on initiative. The sign of the twins and the favourable Martian aspects also favour group initiatives and teamwork. The aspects with Saturn assist with dealing with what is real and tangible, at its best helping us really buckle down and get cracking.

Both the Moon trine Mars and Sun sextile Mars fire up our engines to stir the passions and drives helping us go after what we want. Sexual energies are high as are our ability to stand our ground or pursue our heart’s desires. We can deal with groups and authority figures, advancing our interests and garnering respect. This gives us the physical energy and focus to pursue goals, advance personal agendas and can garner us the willing assistance of others.

Moon trine Mars: At a Full Moon this aspect can show climactic emotional interactions. It can spur us to take risks or make emotional gambles. Libidinous drives are fired up and we may find ourselves emboldened in terms of making emotional investments or declarations. Physical activities and projects that require vigor, will, and courage are favoured. Our passions are like fuel for furthering our interests and allow us to streamline these so that we get assistance or work well with others. Use this energy to finish projects, jump start a dead engine, or make a declaration of passionate love.

Sun sextile Mars: This has us fired up, for love as well as leadership. There is the drive to take action coupled with the urge to take charge. You may find yourself thinking and acting in a way that says, “Stand aside, I’ll handle this as you seem unable to!” The Sun and Mars are both hot and dry, but in easy aspect this doesn’t turn to rage and stepping on toes but is rather the initiative to make a move, to move up, get things done. Confidence and enthusiasm can be game changers.

Both the luminaries in easy aspect to Mars stir up energy, passion and have us vital and embodied. In Gemini, the Moon can show risks and incentives in business and communication. This can help us find our voice, sell ourselves and ideas with confidence and pour energy into work. For those who are dating, this can help you make a confident and lusty sales pitch!

In the background is the separating aspects to Saturn. As stated this can allude to finishing projects, wrapping up business and personal commitments as 2016 draws to a close. It’s been a long and challenging year! Emotionally and mentally all this serious work can have us feeling overloaded, run-down and hard done by. Mars is that needed second wind, helping us push through and prevail, while Saturn can aid in putting the year’s obligations to rest.

Moon opposes Saturn: This could show some really sh*tty moods which can be especially damaging or disruptive in personal relationships. At the Full Moon, things can peak and this can have us reacting strongly. Upsets and delays can make for extreme pessimism or withdrawal and we are inclined to magnify these in accordance with aforesaid crappy moods. This can also show hardships of another ilk such as illness or estrangement. For most, the thump of this transit will be short lived and likely to be of the feeling taken for granted and mild burnout variety. Fortunately Mars energises and re-directed this corrosive mood to greener pastures.

Saturn conjunct Sun: This aspect can really crack the whip and make us serious around commitments and the self same diligence goes into fulfilling obligations. Patient and hard working, this can help us focus in a satisfying if somewhat onerous fashion on practical matters. This consolidating energy is disciplined but could be a bit too serious were it not for the fire of Mars.

Gemini has the capacity to tackle multiple projects, has a yen for connecting with others, and is a versatile trader, mover and shaker and smooth talker. The flipside can be a lot of busy work resulting in burnout and fatigue. Add to that, a pattern tendency in speech and deed that lacks receptivity. Counteract this by taking the time to really listen to others lest you suffer ‘foot in mouth disease’ and get buried in busy-ness! Pace yourself and utilise the energy where you need it the most- for the tasks and initiatives that matter the most! The separating aspects with Saturn suggests important obligations and duties but ones that demand rigorous concentration. Don’t pimp out those mental resources on too much triviality! Full Moon’s have emotional energies peaking, and Saturn suggests some of us at least will be feeling under-appreciated and may suffer in silence (or not)! Reserves are strained, though Mars will help in supplying a second wind. One more thing about Gemini- we can rely on curiosity and stimulus sought out for its own sake to dig us out of the rut of habit.

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