Full Moon in Cancer, 12 January 2017 – First think, then Act

This first Full Moon of 2017 has the Moon positioned between the twin fixed stars Castor and Pollux at 22 Cancer with squares from the luminaries to Jupiter and Uranus. This forms a grand cross pattern that highlights the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus- an aspect that first went exact in December 2016 and will perfect another two times, with the final pass in September 2017. While the opposition is an aspect that produces tensions and sudden events, this one has often been viewed as a kind of pressure valve which allows release from repressions and restrictions in one’s circumstances. As such it can produce change that is upsetting to the degree that one has allowed things to stagnate, and one’s general flexibility. Jupiter opposition Uranus can show a range of surprizes in the form of people, events, or even sporadic gambles and risks taken to juggle the status quo. These can range from a lucky break to an unanticipated and unwelcome disruption. Notwithstanding the way it effects you at the time, once absorbed the shock can lead to greater freedom in some way, shape or form.

A Full Moon is a time of culmination, representing a harvest of efforts begun at the New Moon, both the one two weeks prior as well as a broader arc of the New Moon in the same sign 6 months prior. In the sign of Cancer, the efforts bearing fruit right now are likely to be around home and family matters, areas where you have made significant investments both financially and emotionally. The Full Moon in Cancer is highly dignified, emphasising the nurturing, intuitive, and family/home orientation of the Moon and is underscored by the squares between the luminaries and Jupiter. This Moon is strongly feeling based and whatever you’re feeling and feelings you’re going through are bound to be amplified!

Strongly sentimental, romantic and family orientated this could see a drive to greater security, rootedness and connection. A natural and benefic expression could take the form of entertainment (throwing or going to a party),or even a speculative investment around property, the home or family. With Uranus square to the luminaries surprize events or gambles could effect these areas of your life. Cancer is a sign that favours stability, is strongly protective and often one to hold a grudge! If tension has been building up around an area of personal vendetta this could be the time when these erupt and boil over. Moodiness and surges of emotions can be anticipated if areas of security and stability are rocked by chance events and actions.

Moon/Sun square Jupiter

The squares from the luminaries to Jupiter are generally considered favourable, that is to say these are not difficult squares and can produce gains, luck, abundance and good times. The caveat with Jupiter is usually a question of self restraint. With the Moon in Cancer this hinges on the emotions and one’s mastery in this regard. Jupiter and the luminaries in square can show too much of a good thing- an extravagance of feeling or spending. The balance lies in reining in the surplus and not going overboard.

Moon square Jupiter

This aspect can show gains both materially and emotionally in the sense of feelings of generosity suited to entertaining and displays that find favour with others. Jupiter and the Moon are able to generate popularity and engender the support of the masses- with the square this could be good or bad publicity. Emotions can be extravagant ranging from the sentimental and empathetic to possessive and vindictive. In terms of outlay of resources this could be a financial gamble or investment. This is well suited to entertaining on a large scale, engendering the good will of friends and family. The success of either venture is down to one’s ability to navigate extremes of feeling with concomitant good judgement.

Sun square Jupiter

Actions and gestures can be flamboyant and over the top with confidence and spirits at a premium. Opportunities can present for honour and success though these can be challenged too. Flamboyance and generosity couples with good will. With the Moon in Cancer the sign of home, tribe, family and Jupiter in the mix, its a good time to entertain, as humour and abundance are a great way to channel any excess in a productive and satisfying manner.

Moon/Sun square Uranus

This Full Moon is positioned between the fixed stars Castor and Pollux, the twin stars of Gemini with the Moon moving to conjunct Pollux. The character of the twins grants mental versatility, quickness, and duality. The effects of this can show contrary impulses, a divided nature and a tendency to whimsicality. Pollux, the more pronounced in the Full Moon array, was considered by Ptolomy to have the nature of Mars and without constructive channelling of energy could show impulsive action, rashness, and defective sight. The influence of the twins at this Full Moon underscores the separating squares from the luminaries and Uranus- with chance events and encounters provoking ill considered actions.

Moon square Uranus

The influence of Uranus can produce some volatile erratic emotions and the sort of events and people that can precipitate such reactions. This influence can show a hankering for distraction, novelty, and adventure of a fleeting variety. As such one can behave out of character or in a way that jettisons duties and responsibilities. With the influence of the fixed star Pollux this underlines the need to consider actions, behavior, and the appropriateness of emotional responses. Reactions are bound to be provoked by sudden events or others behaving inappropriately.

Sun square Uranus

This aspect can show disruptions to routine that can range from impulsive actions, to quarrels, breakdown of cars or computers- generally unanticipated setbacks. Energetically there can be agitation and impatience. With both Sun and Moon square expect chance events to rock the boat emotionally. Uranus always presents us with the unexpected. Depending on the nature of the surprize and our own flexibility in navigating changes of circumstance this bolt from above can be welcome or inconvenient and upsetting.


The character of this Full Moon is quite contrary and slanted to emotional excess around threats or disruptions around home and family affairs. This could go either way. We could entertain on a lavish scale with a show of generosity and hospitality. This first option shows ‘controlled excess’ of a variety that garners the good will, humour, and abundance- thus maxing out on the squares to Jupiter and the high essential dignity of the Moon in Cancer. The other option has us provoked into ill considered expression of volatile emotions and faced with the damaging consequences thereof. The greater benefic (Jupiter) encourages growth and excess, and with the emotional emphasis of Cancer, the challenge is to channel excess feeling in a way that is not damaging to your person or affairs.

The separating squares from Uranus and the luminaries indicates random chance and unexpected events or people provoke emotional reactions and behaviour. The influence of the twins, Pollux underscores challenges from cross purposes and difficulty in discernment with regards to actions and words. So the advice is to go overboard in a manner in that garners the good will of others and allow extravagant emotions to simmer down. “First think, then act, lest foolish be thy deed!”

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