Full Moon in Aquarius, 18 August – Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

The Full Moon is a time of culmination, illumination, and release. This is the time to harvest the fruits of your labours, often those efforts set in motion at the time of the New Moon. It is also a ‘spell’ to release and purge, where you prepare to leave behind what is unnecessary, shrugging off any excess cargo. Astrologically, every Full Moon has the Sun and Moon in opposition and the manifest effect in the night sky is unmistakable – the Moon is bathed in the light of the Sun. This can feel uncomfortable due to agitation caused by having our submerged lunar drives under direct solar scrutiny. How we feel about ourselves and behave is different to how we want to be seen, project, and what we identify with consciously. Our lunar nature is instinctive, conditioned and receptive but also simply reactive! This Moon’s matrix is the product of nature and nurture, and highly sensitive to sensory and imaginal influxes. It is also largely unconscious- hard-wired in the depths and yet the surface layer responds to the slightest fleeting impressions and stimuli. Think of the gravity of a lake and yet the surface layer reflects every nuance of light, the slightest flicker of a breeze. It is easy to get subsumed this riot of colours and a dance of ricocheting patterns.

A Full Moon is an opportunity to utilise our discomfort to release and purge unwanted behaviours. This can be intense and have us feeling overly emotional around the issues that are illuminated! For both good and ill, all things culminate. At this time we are most susceptible to external control and suggestion. This can be from what others want us to do/be, also societal expectations which we soak up through the media. We can feel the push/pull of competing agendas and wonder whether we are our own master’s! The Sun’s light can be utilised to correct areas where we are being controlled, influenced, and unmask puppeteers. The turbulent emotions roused by a Full Moon make it an ideal time to polish the auric shield too, to say, ‘back the f&%K off’ for the sake of inner sovereignty! The Full Moon is the time for magic, but of what kind? Protection, Illumination and occasionally Projection are favoured. Themes that have been building culminate with new awareness and the overarching theme is balance. The key to achieving balance is found in the signs of the New and Full Moon.

Most often the effects of a Full Moon are subtle, yet individual factors in your chart or eclipses in the angles can transpire to make some Full Moon’s staggeringly intense and all you can muster to your lips is a faint, “Get thee behind me, Satan!” If you suspect foul play, take up the ritual knife and sever the ties that bind and the ways that harm. As the Full Moon is followed by a two week waning Moon, it is the ideal time to release bad habits, behaviours, and surgically amputate unwelcome influences. Lets look at what the themes are for this particular Full Moon are to see where our behaviour merits adjustments and what we’ll have at our disposal to better administer our own domains.

To commence, this Full Moon has the Moon in Aquarius opposing the Sun in Leo. The overarching theme is relationships as well as styles of relating. Leo is all about personal drives, ambitions, it is self centered, seeks recognition, praise, and is the circus ringmaster- large and in charge! Aquarius traditionally rules and aligns with the 11th house of friends, associations, groups as well as our hopes and dreams. No one exists in a vacuum and this house is where we associate, make connections, choose groups and causes that are akin to our inner ideals and set them on a bigger stage than our own little soapbox. Here we align our personal goals and agenda with others making teamwork, concessions, and negotiation the bywords. The New Moon was in Leo and projects undertaken then will culminate now. We could be making things public, or using social connections and networks to market ourselves more effectively. This Full Moon in Aquarius seeks the alignment of our personal needs with those of the group, whether this be partners, family, colleagues, affiliate groups, or even nod to humanity by and large. In what ways can you contribute to shared ideals and the greater good? For some this will be in an independent capacity, having the courage of our convictions to take a stand for what we believe in to operate outside the set parameters and beliefs of societies and groups. But even here, especially in fact, we need our friends and allies! Besides the easy aspects with between the Sun, Moon and Uranus should provide a fresh take, innovation, and originality in our styles of relating. We should be able to revive dynamics that are stilted, and our inventiveness will help us achieve recognition for our unique contributions.

This Full Moon is also a penumbral lunar eclipse, but not one that is visible from anywhere on earth. As such it behaves much as any full Moon perhaps with a subtle twist. Not all changes are visible to the naked eye, and imperceivable seismic shifts, like the flicker of a butterflies wings can produce a ripple effect. In the caverns of our heart’s perhaps such a flutter occurs, shifting us slyly from one paradigm to another.

This is echoed by the major aspects of the Full Moon at 25 Aquarius. These are the Moon sextile Uranus, and the Sun trine Uranus. These aspects are a diametrically opposed to the aspects to Saturn we saw with the New Moon. While routine and duty has its place, to grow, we must propel towards the unknown.

Moon sextile Uranus, Sun trine Uranus

Step out of your comfort zone, change perspectives, take a novel approach, run with what inspires you. New people, chance encounters open up unexpected avenues. Events are likely to be intense and dynamic and we are able to test untried approaches to receive personal recognition. You’ll want to be flexible and a little adventurous! A Yod aspect from the Moon and Uranus quicunxes to Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

Yod – ‘Finger of God’

A key feature of this Full Moon is a Yod aspect with the Moon and Uranus in sextile converging via quicunx (150 degrees) on A Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. A Yod formation is known as the ‘Finger of God’ and is considered ‘fated’, possibly because it highlights an area we are not fully cognisant of. What is ‘overlooked’ is the Mercury Jupiter conjunction. This is ways in which we can be persuasive, charming, and ‘sell’ ourselves and our ideas. So, look at opportunities around business, contracts, consider all factors involved. Are there opportunities being missed, or have you forgotten how to do a good pitch and presentation?

Mercury conjunct Jupiter:

Attention to detail unites with a sense of the big picture. This enables in depth analysis and grants an ability to make sound assessments and account for new information. A good synthesis that favours communication and business. With Jupiter in detriment, pay attention to the fine print, and let logic and planning preside over brash confidence in your transactions.

Aquarius is associated in some modern texts with Uranus, but this sign was and continues to be ruled by Saturn. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and often Aquarian individuals, while idiosyncratic, are also usually stubborn, wayward and independent. Humanism, altruism and impartial fairness to people from varied walks of life are part of the philosophical perspective of Aquarius. To be clear, this is not charity of the soup-kitchen variety, but impartial, idealism at large. So the qualities expressed tend to be attitudes of acceptance and tolerance for others. With this Full Moon we want to ensure that we too are treated fairly and given opportunities to contribute and shine as individuals. Another angle though is that tenacity is needed to stand your ground, and making sure that your voice is distinctive and not drowned out by others. So, consider how you need to review dynamics in a way that supports your individuality and reinvigorate or discard dynamics that are ‘getting old’. You want to make sure that you are served by your partnerships, not resentful of their restrictions. A fine line indeed and one to often best explored ‘magically’ to ensure your signature is hitting the right pitch.

A Ritual framework to purge the negative and find your voice!

With focused, conscious intention and tangible actions the energies of this Full Moon in Aquarius can be a potent magical catalyst to purge negative influences in your life whilst aligning yourself with positive allies and make your voice heard.

Negative influences can be self generated such as bad habits or from external factors such as people or environments. We all instinctively know what is best for us, what people are toxic and what habits harm us. This coming full moon is the perfect time to assess what these influences are and take action to purge them from our lives forever. In the absence of these negative distractions we can open new avenues to connect with the right people, collaborate and make our voices heard.

Think of how your can surprise the allies you want to align yourself with. The trine with Uranus is all about thinking outside the box so it’s a great chance for creative solutions and be the source and voice of inspiration!

As with our previous ritual for the new moon, here is recipe to get your started on the right track. Embellish as much as you like, the more personal and creative magickal acts are, the more potency they carry.

Step 1: Get it on paper first.
Write down what you want to accomplish. For this a 2 column approach would be beneficial. In the first column write down a list of up to 5 negative influences in your life right now. In the second column write down a list of up to 5 positive influences in your life. Think of ways the positive influences can negate the negative. Also think what possibilities can arise in the absence of these negative influences. As we mentioned before, successful magick is a combination of probability enhancement, auspicious timing and guided synchronicity. See previous ritual for some more details: (Leo New Moon)

Step 2: Cleansing and empowering!
Remember we mentioned timing? This is key, as you want to put all your focus, action and intention on the 18th of August. So on the morning of the 18nd the first step is to have a good old cleansing bath. You can make this as elaborate or simple as possible, but keep to this basic recipe.

  • Run a nice hot bath and make sure that you will have at least 30 minutes of undisturbed and private time. You might need to wake up earlier to accomplish this if you share a living space with family.
  • Pour a generous amount of salt into the bath and swirl it around to help the salt dissolve. The more salt the better. Himalayan salt would be ideal but you can use kosher or rock salt also.
  • Light some candles and switch off artificial lights. You want to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Relaxing instrumental music and incense is a great addition.
  • Lie in the bath and relax. Focus on your breathing and let your thoughts drift. Do this for a few minutes or until you feel you are starting to relax.
  • Starting with your feet and moving up through your whole body till the crown of your head, focus on each body part, first tense the muscles and then let them relax. Visualise that all the worry, stress, anger or fear is being drawn out by the salt water. For the negative influences visualise that you are tied to them with ropes. Feel how tight the ropes are digging into your skin, how they constrain and weigh you down. Now start cutting the rope and free yourself from their binding. Repeat this process until you feel completely purged of all negativity.
  • Now set a clear intention that you are open and receptive to inspiration, creative solutions and pleasant surprises. Now would be a good time to say a prayer for guidance and assistance. This depends on your own belief system, so petition your patron deity, ancestors or higher self to inspire you and align you with the positive influences you wrote down.

Step 3: Do the work
Now that you have set your intention and cleansed yourself you need to get busy.
From the 18th of August you will need to commit doing something each day that is aligned with your desired outcomes. Be it ‘unfriending’ a toxic person or quitting smoking. Be vigilant at all times, expect pleasant surprises and new avenues opening up. Surround yourself with us much positivity as possible and take courageous action when you know you have something to offer the world! Now is not the time to be just an observer, if something novel happens in your environment jump in and participate.
So make use of this window of opportunity and test it for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results!