December 2015


After a dispiriting and confusing November, your vital spirits are restored this month. The focus, while personal, is on what you need to implement in your life to consciously work on your goals.

Partnerships continue to be a locus of growth and help mend your floundering self esteem. An attitude of ‘loving detachment’ and altruistic generosity will bolster the same. You will find an ease in making friends and initiating emotional relationships accompanied by lucid self-awareness.


While others are more extroverted at this time of year, you conversely pause to reassess and tally your losses, gains, and lessons as you strategise for the year ahead. Opportunities to travel or business abroad may crop up. Obstacles in the way are overcome with the helping hand of fortune.

Towards the end of the month prepare yourself to be dazzled and fully preoccupied with a partner. You are sufficiently self contained to mete out some resources and time and let them take centre stage.


Uncertainty around ‘leaks’ in your resources and business should clarify this month, sweeping away the debris of persistent anxiety. Your relationships with significant others and groups are evaluated both in terms of your investment therein and returns.

Meeting or merging with a business or romantic partner could uplift you. Its not the time to gamble your resources, but rather to take an existing partnership (regardless of orientation) to the next phase and formalise it. You may decide to take the plunge and invest with confidence, be sure to attend to all the details.


Regarding yourself and your business concerns, structures once in place have fallen away. Your struggle has been to erect new ones and plug holes that have been siphoning resources and energy.

You’ve had some success here and this month is more lucrative and your confidence greater. New incentives can be launched and you can act with greater self assurance with respect to decision making. A foreign person or even destination may be the object of romantic and pleasant daydreams whether or not anything materialises. Beautiful dreams are food for the soul.


You are considering a long term plan of specialised study to broaden your mind and horizons. It may be cerebral, or alternately experiential and take the form of travel to a new vista. In the meantime honing your energies on the home and feathering your nest will be a pleasurable pastime.

Professionally there may be setbacks regarding appreciation of your efforts, but your number will come up soon. You may need to hold your tongue as rash outbursts are a danger early in the month. Some surprises are in store with partners and colleagues­ your ability to be flexible will have a role in the outcomes.

This is a time to get in touch with your inner being as it relates to your psychological health. If aspects of your behaviour have become compulsive uproot these weeds at their emotional origin.

This process of elimination may extend to financial debts and obligations. It won’t be sufficient concerning to stop you spending on activities with friends and children. You know that pleasure is often its own reward! You’ll be passionately or commercially interested/invested with a partner who reciprocates your regard, albeit discreetly. So pay attention to subtle signs for the clues you seek.


The focus now is on significant others, particularly romantic and business partners. You’ll want to assess their role and value in your life as well as vice versa. These investments can extend your agency in the world, as often we operate as workable units within these partnerships. Where these are refined, there can be substantial benefits to your self esteem this month.

This is a welcome change of pace after a time of uncertainty regarding changing roles and losses relating to associates and business objectives. You may be lavishly decorating or splurging on your home, these alterations or additions didn’t seem feasible or affordable before.


Consider the duties and responsibilities in your life and evaluate the efficacy of your work ethic.Now is the time to tackle what needs to be done with some humility and the spirit of service.

A sibling or neighbour can help you unload your burdens, so connect with them face to face or send an email. You may daydream about strangers or strange lands, but immersing yourself in beauty may be a more direct line to gratification. Relaxing baths and nourishing food can be simple forms of self-­love. Acts of altruism or charity will make you feel your contribution has real value.


This should be a ‘happy’ month for you where you want to participate in recreational activities. You will favour people and opportunities that are ‘fun’ and lighten your mood! In the background, joint resources or investments with a partner may be troubling you. Seek guidance for resolution to these nagging concerns, and keep an eye on the contractual details. Do your best to stay bright and positive, this month should provide plenty of opportunities to lift your spirits.


Family, especially parents and the people closest to you personally are the focal point in your life this month, This may extend to pattens of behaviour learned from your family dynamics.

Connecting with relevant parties often highlights this and may call for critical evaluation. A romantic or business partner can provide a pressure valve to the heavier aspects of this. You may choose a beautiful destination for a holiday diversion. A creative project that seemed impossible starts shaping up and increase the profits of your business or work.


A restlessness imbues your day to day life, fanned by the desire for injecting novelty in your daily routine. Your mind is alive with ideas and the desire to communicate them to everyone in your environment. Be sure to listen and learn in these exchanges.

A romantic interest may arise, and the interest is bound to be reciprocal. In your work you could receive accolades that boosts your already burgeoning self esteem. If you’ve felt uprooted, take time to find comfort in your ‘home’ amidst this flurry of activity.


Someone you appreciate deeply may make a declaration of love, so pay attention. Such communications don’t necessarily involve sky­writing and fireworks! This month you look at your resources and the things of value in your life. You may be inclined to throw a party to show of all that is yours!

Don’t be so tied to your assets that your freedom is compromised. Towards the end of the month the necessary details emerge to help you be decisive regarding a contract or negotiation. A special trip or destination will bring the year to its conclusion in a meaningful and pleasant way.