April 2015


Your’re taking a direct line of communication and action. Your resourcefulness will see you taking risks for a partner or a creative project you feel passionately about. Don’t be surprized to see your accounts diminish to make your goals concrete!


You’ll find other people more cooperative in assisting you should you prevail upon them. As you’re playing your cards close to your chest, you may have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to make use of their help.


Unexpected connections with friends helps you start a conversation that gets projects off the ground. Though sober advice may come from an older partner, on a day to day level, you’re taking it easy, and stopping to smell the roses.


You’re expanding all your resources. In work you find you can communicate more effectively and your goals are clear. Your energy is consistent and the payoff has the same, sustainable pace. Slow and steady wins the race!


You’re feeling in your element again, full of optimism and schemes to study and travel. You’re also feeling driven to achieve your goals, but in a manner that is calculated and achievable. Your buoyancy is contagious.


You are thinking about joint resources with a partner and making a calculated but risky investment. Emotionally you may be feeling and undercurrent of intensity, use this to powerful energy to implement positive changes in your life.


Enthusiastic discussions with other people help you make sensible decisions around an investment. Pleasant times with friends and engrossing connections with the opposite sex keep things electric!


On a day to day level and in the workplace your stamina is unsurpassed and motivated to grow and expand your interests. You also feel beholden to a special person, and inspired to help them fulfil their needs too.


You are feeling like you have a voice and are inspired to get your message into the world. In a personal sense, you’re attempting to eliminate unnecessary factors in your life. Study, partnerships. And career growth can happen small ways, of you keep and eye on where you’re going.


Discussions with immediate family take precedence and you find yourself wanting to straighten out your domestic life. This focus is to cement a stable home base for which you can grow your interests and feel rooted in the soil you’ve fertilised.


You’re feeling momentum in day to day affairs and discussions with a partner. Watch out that the energy you’re feeling on the homefront doesn’t erupt in unnecessary fights as you’re so full of beans you can find yourself irritable and impatient.


Your thoughts centre around things that you value in you life, and you are planning to bring more of what you value into your life. Important business negotiations can be part of this too, and you may find unexpected support for a venture from a powerful friend.