Annular Solar Eclipse in Pisces, 26 February 2017 – Awakening: The Spiritual Path

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is thematically tied to Neptune and it’s relationship to the luminaries and the Fixed Star Skat at 9 Pisces. Semi and sesqui-squares further link the Sun and Moon to the Jupiter opposition Uranus- furthermore Mars is conjunct Uranus. Both these latter aspects are exact at the time of the eclipse and could lead to premature capitulation and action due to ego conflicts, restlessness and general impatience in acting on your aspirations and goals. Be sure to consider your actions carefully, both in terms of their sensibility and with regard to how your actions could impact those around you.

This New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Pisces, a placement underscored by the Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune. While not traditionally allocated to Pisces, there are many thematic correspondences between Neptune and Pisces beginning with the similarity of transcendentalism and imagination. This is the sign of integration, a dual sign associated with receptivity, spirit, the arts and the ability to work behind the scenes. The danger with Neptune in the mix is the lure of escapism and inaction due to lethargy and for some the allure of addictive substances. Fortunately, semi and sesqui-squares between Sun/Moon and Mars (conjunct Uranus) and Jupiter (opposing Mars/Uranus) provide an edginess that leads to action, change, and integration of efforts. In fact, a bit too much rashness and impulsion (rather than inaction) would be cautioned against. What is ramped up is feeling, emotion, sensitivity as well as hopes and dreams. Dreaming big, inspired action, art and creativity are the watchwords here so tune in to the frequency of inspiration!

Neptune, like Uranus or Pluto most often considered a malefic planet, particularly in hard aspect. In this eclipse, Neptune conjoins with the Sun/Moon in conjunction hence the planets are literally ‘together’. The energies co-mingle and partake of the nature of the other. So Neptune is really ‘inscribed’ in this eclipse and deserves some deliberation. Neptune defies exact categorisation due to its transcendental nature but can be roughly drawn as illusory, creative, idealistic, mystical and empathetic. Drawing on the ‘higher’ octave of Neptune one can tap into empathy, spirit, artistic vision, and philanthropic actions and goals. The ‘lower ocatve’ resonates with disillusionment or unrealistic (ungrounded) aspirations, and as noted can denote substance abuse and addictions. As such it is important that we do a ‘reality’ and an ‘ethics’ check on whatever we are pursuing on the waves of this New Moon tide.

Sun conjunct Neptune

This unifies the solar self with the transcendental potential of Neptune. Ways this can be constructively drawn on are heightened senses and awareness which can tip into artistic vision, or altruistic activity of any kind. It could arouse ideals and with friction coming from the semi and sesqui- squares in the chart stir up the desire to act on inspiration. This favours the visual arts and media, as well as acting and theatre as well as big dreams (as long as they’re not schemes). As metaphysics and the occult are also part of the province of Neptune, another legitimate avenue would be the desire and pursuit of a spiritual path.

Moon conjunct Neptune

This aspect really quickens emotions and sensitivity to a degree that for some could verge on psychic unfiltered perception. Watch the tendency for escapism into substance abuse if reality is hard to handle as habits and addictions can surface with the Moon. Neptune and the Moon can show up as a groundswell of feelings which translate into compassion and sensitivity to those around you- in particular those in need of assistance. You are more liable to be charitable and empathetic.

What one wants to work around is the sapping of physical vitality that Neptune injects and along with that misuse of drugs and alcohol that will further tap into one’s reserves of energy. For some this conjunction of the luminaries and Neptune could materialise as meeting a partner who seems to fulfil all expectations. Bear in mind everyone has a corporeal substance so don’t place people so high up there’s nowhere to go but down! With the Sun and Moon- men and women can inspire action, love, intensities of feeling and idealistic endeavours. Art, music, creativity, and spirituality are all favoured by this blend with friction supplying the incentive to take action in these provinces.

Sun/ Moon conjunct the fixed star Skat

At 9 Pisces, this star is prominent in this solar eclipse. This star is part of the constellation ot Aquarius, but due to the precession of the equinoxes is currently located at 9 Pisces. By Ptolomy it is attributed the nature of Jupiter and Saturn and it said to grant good fortune and lasting happiness.

Skat and the luminaries

Awareness and consciousness raising With the Sun, this star makes one’s sensitivity acute, for some stimulating psychic activity. It also brings help from friends. With the Moon, Skat draws in friends, public position, gifts, and affection from reputable women. (Vivian E. Robson).
Skat is the star from the shinbone of the Water Bearer and it’s name is thought to mean “wish”. In this array it is a good omen generally though acute perception does make one a tad more vulnerable. In this case assistance from friends, women, gifts and public prominence more than make up for this exposure.

Other notable aspects mentioned are the semi and sesqui-squares between the luminaries and Mars conjunct Uranus and Jupiter. While these are often called ‘minor’ aspects they are significant and ‘hard’ especially when in close aspect as with this chart. Describing them is more elusive. They are dynamic combinations of planetary energies that produce tension and thus provoke changes and challenge- to a lesser extent than squares but the frission is tangible. This is especially true with Mars and Uranus in exact conjunction (within the same degree) opposed by a retrograde Jupiter applying to oppose them within one degree of exact.

Mars conjunct Uranus square the luminaries produces tension in the form of impulsive behaviour and course changes. These can be provoked by restrictions on personal initiatives that can take the form of challenges to the ego. Power struggles, clashes with authorities, or for that matter having your own authority questioned at this time can be issues. Mars in Aries is headstrong and driven, but with Uranus can be a bit touchy/feely when challenged. A concomitant problem is that the passions and drives are aroused quite suddenly and burn hot and fierce. There are few aspects to rival this one for sudden changes of course, direction and unanticipated events- particularly due to single-mindedness, a chip on the old block, or simple fury in response to said opposition or restriction.

Sun/Moon sesqui-square Jupiter

This can show as lucky breaks, and surplus energy, but does aggravate any natural tendency to go overboard or off on a tangent. The above is particularly true with Mars in exact opposition to Jupiter at the time of this solar eclipse. With Mars in its own sign Aries, there is a natural tendency to go directly after one’s desires, to take initiative, and even show great courageousness, originality, and independence. What one wants to watch out for is audacity, aggression, and sudden course changes provoked by strong feelings under duress.


The rich vein one wants to mine with this eclipse is the ore of spirit, truth seeking, art, and inspiration. The fiery energies are useful in feeding the ethereal pulse and a link to source or the transcendent. Its important not to confuse the drives of the ego and its ever hungry ghosts and allow these drives to hijack the potentials of this stellar array. To this end allow the dynamic energies present here to light the fire of spirit but resist ill-advised and radical changes of course. Be sure to follow your own ‘fixed star’ and allow sizzling emotions to settle before making decisions.

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  1. Delphi says:

    This is a brilliant article and a great expose of those energies that are already building! Your cautionary advice is so apt and I’ve taken stock and curbed the rash impulses that just seem to be bubbling up unbidden! Thankyou!

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