16 September 2016 Lunar Eclipse 24 Pisces – The Rebel Yell!

The penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 16 September 2016 is set to release a lot of the pent up Martian energies that have been repressed and festering  since Mars retrograded mid March, and recently hit another wall, conjuncting Saturn during August 2016.   By mid September, Mars is finally  in full swing-  direct and feisty,  and liberated from its erstwhile encumbrances.  Tensions that have been building up and festering can result in behaviour where  we  snap, box or bully to get our way! Or find ourselves at the mercy of threatening,  diva-ish behaviour in others and retaliate quickly and in kind. Where we might have taken it lying down in previous months, by now we’re spoiling for a fight! This full Moon has hard aspects between the luminaries and Mars which tends to get others up in our business, and is very ‘touchy my you know whatty!”  Mars is feeling exuberant in Sagittarius and heading for its sign of exaltation, Capricorn. There Mars will have structured purpose and discipline, but for now its a mad gallop on wild horse! A full Moon heightens emotions and when our desires have been stifled too long and under duress, what often comes out is ‘fighting words’, the ‘rebel yell’!

At 24 degrees Pisces, Earth/ Sun /Moon are in imperfect alignment at the time of the full Moon. As such, this is a subtle eclipse, that is, difficult to discern visibly, yet with the rampant Martian energies of this Full Moon, the tangible effects will not go amiss! The Pisces Moon can be a bit of a lush, and hitting the bottie or other substances now and getting into the ‘astro’ spirit could leave you with more than a bruised ego! This eclipse is the harvest of the difficulties around new beginnings experienced with the solar eclipse of 1 September. There, Sun and Moon squared Saturn- boundaries, obstacles, difficulties around getting things off the ground were its threshing grounds. The Sun/Moon aspects to Neptune gave a more ephemeral confusion- doubt, insecurity, and added the possibility of deception. These necessitated a lot of hard work and due diligence, so don’t let rash, impulsive and angry behavior sour those hard-won gains. Let the work you’ve done work for you now. Don’t necessitate later damage-control by losing your cool.

Not surprisingly, the full Moon eclipse strikes back with fire! All those pent up energies and frustrations previously censored are at critical mass with both Sun and Moon square Mars. This has us defending our turf,  instinctively lashing out, defending our points of view aggressively.  With the Moon at 24 Pisces, there is the potential to use these fires compassionately- healing rifts in relationships through reconciling our needs, wants, and desires with those of others.  But without our armour we are exposed and vulnerable, making us behave as if our survival is at stake!  When Mars strikes the luminaries it’s up close and personal, our own ambition and purpose blinds us to the same desires in others. We easily conflate issues, letting a small spark ignite a bonfire.

Nearest and dearest are easy targets, but public outbursts, and challenges to your authority in the workplace can be anticipated too.  Out on the town, Moon in Pisces intoxicates- liquors and drugs can be imbibed and a ‘tavern brawl’ ensue!   Vision blurs, inhibitions get the green light and our ability to reason  can make us all too readily see red when challenged.  You may have been largely unconscious of mounting pressures but add  ‘spirits’….and next thing you know, find yourself ignobly and drunkenly tackling down opponents! Injuries and accident can easily  result from impulsive and reckless actions at this time too.  So, you’ll want to take extra care and use the Pisces energy to cool rather than feed the fire!

The Moon/Sun and Mars aspects were in effect in the days leading up to the full Moon. So you’ll have been all kinds of tetchy with a full Moon agitating to the point where small incidents get blown out of proportion . Rather than rev those engines- be smart and lie low! This is when you want to back down and re-direct those desires elsewhere. Mars finds healthy expression in ‘standing our ground’,  being clear and authoritative, but this is the more primal Mars that takes pleasure in destruction! Resist the temptation to react instinctively, lashing out or over-reaching.  Make an effort to curb impatience and show sensitivity to your own and others hurt feelings when they present themselves. Ill- considered words and actions could  cost you dearly  if you succumb.

The annular eclipse of September 1 was the beginning of a project or way of being that will only be fully established with the final eclipse of the Pisces/Virgo axis in February 2017. Stay the course and don’t make more work for yourself mopping entrails off the floor! Ways to siphon the excess heat are exercise, sex, and staying the course aligned with the courage of your convictions. As is often the case, the solutions are present in the chart itself, so read on.

Primary Aspects: Moon square Mars/ Sun square Mars – Danger Zone

Moon square Mars: Our habitual behavior can become problematic, working on the nerves of those nearest and dearest to us. The Moon is  where we feel nurtured, safe and secure, but squaring to Mars (a hard aspect) it expresses as heat, iron and wilfulness on the home front – so be careful with knives and sharp objects in the kitchen.  Domestic tiffs and quarrels flare over trivialities  and you may find a tongue lashing is your weapon of choice and those closest are easy targets.  Tensions can erupt wherever we feel the instinctive need to defend our turf and in particular with members of the opposite sex and mothers could make your life difficult!   Look to those little things that add up and reach a melting point and try and be reasonable both in expressing your point of view and hearing the grievances of others.

Sun square Mars: This is all about ego challenges, having your work critiqued and point of view challenged. Expect irritability and friction with this and an attitude of defiance and touchiness in retaliation! This has you hot under the collar,  indignant and taking criticism all too personally. You may feel censored in taking initiatives, or find your work  scrutinized and your decisions questioned.  This can leave you deeply frustrated, with a sense that your authority and expertise are not respected.  These aspects challenge you to defend your position in a constructive manner- stand your ground, but don’t blow your top!

Moon conjunct Markeb: A small star in the Buckler of the Ship. Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It gives piety, a wide knowledge, educational work and voyages. [Robson*, p.175.]
This star is useful with regards to steering our ship and being guided by our inner compass.  Check your co-ordinates and keep your course while making the most of what you have at your disposal.  Weather the stormy seas and don’t get blown off course by hot and errant winds.

Solution to the Quandry

Mars trine Uranus: This opens avenues, events and opportunities to re-direct your energy in constructive ways! Stimulate your curiosity and look for ways how to solve problems with a novel approach. You’ll find yourself less inhibited and routine bound so find freedom in changes of scene. Time to investigate and tackle new projects.  This is all about re-directing your energy in fresh terrain.

Mars sextile Venus: An energized Mars is also a lusty fellow! This aspect is all about chemistry and romance and fireworks. Bar the possibility of physical consummation and satisfaction, do other fun activities with friends.  Sports, games and healthy competition are indicated- be sure to move and shake with activities that are invigorating.


This Full Moon in the third decan of Pisces has a tender side and therein lies the (salty) rub! That sensitivity has us feeling vulnerable and exposed, a dangerous zone where feelings are easily hurt and criticism taken too personally!  Substances can cloud our judgement so watch binges and reckless driving- you may get more than you bargained for!  Mars is a hot poker in our soft and tender places that has us yowling in indignation! We can behave as though our survival is at stake- dramatising,  catastrophising and throwing our toys out of the cot! Issues are  like shrapnel shot from a canon, and sharp cuts to ego and others ensue.  By all means, stand your ground, aim your arrows, but with clear vision and purpose rather than wanton aggression.  So thresh out issues constructively, and take a few deep breaths before charging in-  stand down in any fight not worth having. Use the direct motion and exuberance of Mars to solve problems rather than confound them.

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