December 2014


Your foundations may feel a bit shaky like you don’t know who you are, where you come from or where you’re going. Your identity is currently shaped around some sweeping philosophies and a desire to see the world and expand your experiential knowledge. Nothing new here for you, but so many new concepts to explore. Though the finer details seem a bit murky, start refining your ideals into concrete avenues where these thoughts can take shape your world and really expand your horizons.


You’ve been operating very efficiently and now find some older friend or someone with authority can help you with counsel or a good word to help realise your ambitions. You may be allowing some ideas to gestate before revealing your hand. Its a good time to ease up a bit and focus on your health. You may find you have the incentive to let go of a questionable habit that compromises your health.


A friend can become a partner or a partner a friend, Utilise your hidden resources and motivations to expand your resources which may have been a source of concern, By now you should be aware of some mounting pressure to change up your routine and introduce some improvements. Utilise the novel social opportunities that present themselves.


You’ll be feeling renewed passion for your career objectives and are enthusiastic about accomplishing your goals. Your thinking regarding the finer details of how you’ll execute things is a bit fuzzy, but that should clear up soon enough. This is not to say you don’t have concrete strategies to overcome any obstacles but you’re exploring all the resources at your disposal.


You’ve been feeling a tremendous push to make sweeping changes to yourself and your career. You’re feeling more certain of who you are and what you stand for also. Your drive to make changes has been keeping pace and you’ve persevered despite some unexpected challenges. Work on a budget to realise the first stages of your plans. If you’re not quite there yet, let your mind roam over all possibilities before you settle and consider the finer details once you do. You’ve been very productive, take a breath and don’t pressure yourself to do everything at once.


Some quiet time on the home front will do you good. Its also a good time to comb through your budget and determine ways to increase your income. You’re experiencing the allure of the opposite sex but for now you just want to have a good time without strings attached! Social possibilities open up and you can expand your horizons by engaging with new people.


Communication on the home front and with your partner seems to miss the mark but that doesn’t get in the way of having pleasant experiences with them this week. Put some of the focus on yourself so all your energy isn’t divested in other people. Its a good time to think about your long range plans- the details will fall into place later. For now, let yourself think big and if your have a dream, spend some time visualising how it may come into your life.


This week your hard work is paying off on the work and you feel motivated by the praise you receive for your efforts. Hopefully your bank balance reflects your investment of time and energy! Watch out for overindulging in too many sweet things in order to compensate for your lack of down time! Take time to smell the flowers and put your feet up instead and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.


There’s plenty of opportunities to let your hair down and enjoy yourself for a stretch. So have your season in the sun. Use this inspiration to express yourself creatively and indulge a bit. There’s lots of scope for personal growth and you should get involved with things you feel really passionate about. You may find yourself in a clash of wills with a partner but make an effort to compromise as you’ll find them being rather pushy! There’s a place in the sun for everyone after all.


Things feel more disorganised than you’d like at work and home but its a short phase and things will be ship-shape soon enough. The structures you’ve set in place won’t go away so try not to worry about all those details that won’t come together just now. You’ve probably been pushing yourself too hard but all that work will pay off. For now relax and let things come together.


Savour all the opportunities day to day sample sensual experiences. Take the time to call up friends and connect with them- share your good feelings. Communication wires may be a bit crossed with siblings so make sure that you understand each other before throwing your hands in the air! You may be driven to do some philanthropic work. Make the world a better place because you’re in it!


You’ve been rather driven in your day to day affairs and in your work. So hard in fact something may have to give as you’ll find your legendary energies need to shift gears so that you pace yourself and re-assess all your priorities. You may be investing some of your creative talents in your work and see more scope to utilise these skills profitably.