New Moon Sagittarius, 29 November 2016 – Saints and Svengali’s

New Moons are a time of taking initiative and new beginnings. A New Moon emerges from the womb of the dark Moon and there is the sense of uncertainty coupled with possibilities. This is a germinating period of fertile potential, but the Moon’s light is weak and often so is our purpose. The first few days following the New Moon may find us feeling a bit drained and fatigued, a short lull while the light of the Moon increases which can linger for a few days. Yet this is when you want to set your intentions and take steps begin to crystallize resolve. We can utilise the initial dip to gather our thoughts and to tune into the lunar promise as she grows in light. A survey of the sign and aspects of a New Moon can help us avoid certain pitfalls and capitalise on others to determine the direction we want to take. The New Moon of 29 November has the Sun and Moon squaring Neptune and the nodes of the Moon. The nodal aspects of this New Moon show the temptation to slide into old patterns of behaviour rather than challenge ourselves to integrate more difficult lessons that demand we change and grow.

At 7 degrees Sagittarius the New Moon lights up in the first decan of the Archer, its arrow pointed to the skies, to a promise of bigger, brighter and better things. Sagittarius is a sign characterised with questing for greater understanding, goal orientated and with a disposition rich in ideals and sunny optimism. The centaur strives strives to take a direct route in aiming his arrows and rebels against restrictions and bondage. The Solar Eclipse of 9 Virgo on 1 September was close to 90 degrees from this New Moon and as such can show the continuation of the journey or change of direction we commenced with then.

We should stop to assess how projects commenced three months ago are developing. Are we reaching for realistic goals and how far along are we in fulfilling the expectations we set out with at that time? With squares to Neptune and the Nodes the truth is still elusive and challenges come in attempts to discern the real from the illusory, in sorting the corn from the chaff. With the luminaries and dreamy, illusory Neptune the danger is in projection- on others and goals that later fail to live up to overblown expectations. What comes to mind is the giddy, ‘drugged’ intoxication of falling in love- an oft unreliable ‘condition’ for making practical decisions! If this is you right now, wait for your feet to land on terra firma before making binding decisions or commitments. Ditto with any scheme that seems to promise more than it can deliver.

Moon square Neptune

This aspect often has a deluge of emotion clouding our rational capacities. Alternately substances intercede with murky emotions to drown out the voice of reason in attempts to self medicate. Escapism and self-indulgences- both emotional and solipsitic are the slippery surface we need to skate over with presence of mind. This aspect can challenge our critical faculties and can confuse and disorientate. Its more positive significations are heightened sense perception and intuition and as such is well channeled into creative projects or mystical reveries rather than actions which demand attention to detail and focus. Wait until your compass settles from its erratic motion, and provisions for the journey are belted down on your steed before setting off.

Sun square Neptune

Neptune aspecting the luminaries can present as a literal drain of energies, vigour, and vitality often noted in natal charts as exactly that- diminished energetic resources. Psychologically this fatigue can result in our will power and focus being challenged and consequent low morale and esteem are the order of the day. The square from Neptune similarly erodes clear vision and purpose. Authority figures (solar kings and queens) can challenge us to defend our own positions and questions the morality and substance of our actions and agendas.

Both Sun and Moon can represent actual people (male and female) with Svengali potentials – able to mesmerise and compel others to do their dubious bidding. Be wary of characters shilling dreams rather that reality, making promises that sound (and are) too good to be true. Others can weaken our purpose and confabulate, draining emotional and material resources. But we need to look in the mirror and be sure we’re not on the left hand path, plotting a circuitous and morally dubious course- cutting corners, misleading our own selves! Endevour not to hoist your expectations on unrealistic goals or schemes. This type of obfuscation often has the same allure as seduction- mentally we are relinquishing control, avoiding the hard questions- a slippery slope of velvet!

This New Moon would not be a good time for a dramatic change of direction, particularly if you haven’t given it your full consideration at a time more conducive to sharpened mental faculties. This is particularly true for Sanitarian’s with birthdays a between 28-30 November. New beginnings are on the cards, even radical changes of course- but be cautious!! Consider the reliability of partners and the practical dimensions of projects so you don’t hitch your cart to the wrong horse.  Also use your common sense and stay grounded! Avail yourself of the counsel of trusted peers and advisor’s to reality check your objectives.

Both Sun and Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius are two degrees from the royal star Antares. We should by now have an inbuilt repository of information on this star as this was where Mars stationed retrograde in April and again with the difficult conjunction of Mars and Saturn there on 23 August.   Antares, originally positioned at the ‘heart of the Scorpion’ was considered by Ptolomy to have the nature of Mars and Jupiter. Intensity coupled with excess seem inevitable.

Vivian Robson says of the Moon with Antares

“Popular, broad-minded, interested in philosophy, science and metaphysics, liable to change religious opinions, influential friends, favorable for business and domestic matters, active in local affairs, great power, honor and wealth but benefits may not prove lasting, danger of violence, sickness, drowning or assassination.”

The proximity to Antares emphasises the magnetic allure of potential svengali’s and taken out of the orbit of our own lives this can certainly apply to figures in the mass media and hypnotic suggestion via the Neptunian medium of the silver screen. Sagittarius often has an inbuilt zeal to convert and reform, insisting that others share personal ideals. This mindset so easily tips into intolerance- religious and otherwise so present in world politics. Leaders and authority figures too can fill the role of messiahs and promises fail to come to fruition down the line. As such it is no surprise that this is the first New Moon following the polarised American presidential election.

The square of Sun and Moon to Neptune and the nodes can show a slump in energy appropriate to the karmic lessons and journey hinted at here. Neptune’s presence highlights confusion and fatigue we may be feeling as we attempt to discern what is really going on both within and without. Notwithstanding, creativity and intuition can be high, and our senses heightened with the selfsame influence. As such these energies can be constructively expressed by challenging ourselves to hone our personal vision and quest without expecting too much from others or expecting reality to conform to our ideals.

Yet the Archer aims true when we tune into the light of inner wisdom and make the province for reform and improvements our own backyard. Let the hypnotic miasma project onto the screen of world politics where larger than life leaders are under criminal investigation! The beauty of Sagittarius is its receptiveness, enthusiasm and willingness to pursue the truth. We should not dampen these fires nor let them run wild. 2016 has had some wild planetary twists and turns and can be compared to a ‘revolution’. Historically, one problem with revolutions is not just their enormous destructive potential, but people’s lofty expectations of what comes after. The I-Ching proverb of ‘Before enlightenment, working in the field. After Enlightenment, working in the field’ comes to mind. With this New Moon keep your expectations of yourself, and others in line with realistic expectations and direct those arrows to a sure mark. In Sagittarius, open your heart and mind, be willing to search for new and better information and let yourself be excited! Creative projects as well as any motivated by a desire for self-betterment are likely to succeed.

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