New Moon in Capricorn, 29 December 2016 – New Year’s Resolutions

This New Moon at 7 Capricorn on 29 December falls on the eve of the New Year and is the perfect canvas for resolutions and commitment to action. This New Moon is all about logical appraisal and assessment before action. The Moon here can help put our emotions on the backseat and do sober calculations with regard to what we are doing and what we are striving to achieve. The areas cultivated are ones that will yield material rewards. New Moons are a time of taking initiative and new beginnings-this is when you want to set your intentions and take action in areas that require it. Tune in to the opportunities and mood of a particular New Moon to make the most of opportunities and determine the most productive course of action.

The New Moon at 7 Capricorn is sensible and grounded, one could say less capricious and rather more acquisitive! While the Moon is in her detriment in Capricorn one can consider that this is the consequence of the fleeting, versatile, oft volatile nature of the Moon at odds with these sober and practical characteristics of Capricorn. Easy emotional expression and connections are not at a premium- there is less whimsy and more resilience and mettle. The ability to keep emotional tides at bay is a useful tool in making realistic and cool appraisals of situations before diving in.

With both luminaries conjunct retrograde Mercury we find ourselves in an investigative, inquisitive and sober frame of mind- collecting and comparing data, on a fact finding mission. Sextiles between the luminaries and Mars add the elements of effort and calculated risk and enable us to get our New Moon projects off the ground. The waxing energies of the New Moon run for two weeks so this is when we want to swoop in and get things started. Mars is two degrees from Neptune which can strip some of the physical oomph of Mars and perhaps lend a crafty approach. With the luminaries one degree from the fixed star Facies find a dogged and ‘blind’ purpose, an association that could have us sticking to plans like a barnacle to a mast.

If your actions are often the result of emotional triggers this New Moon can help cultivate a taste for a different side of life. For the more lunar amongst us, this is a chance to exhale, to view the terrain with an eagle’s eye for profit, for status, for usefulness. Capricorn is government, law, order and a measure of this (if we are the dictators) can be necessary if life has been tumultuous. This overview or vantage point can be a treasured still point in the storm of life, a chance to see where we are going, and to make provisions for the journey towards whatever lofty peak we’ve set out sights on.

Its all about realistic achievable goals and the personal resources drawn on are those aspects of our nature that are capable, confident and responsible. This New Moon is persistent and strategic, it draws up a map, a budget, and books it’s lodgings well in advance. Its rooted in tradition, family and values things with longevity and lasting value. Both Sun and Moon sextile Mars which helps us take calculated risks.

Moon conjunct Mercury: This is an emotive aspect that colours the mind with moods and feelings. This is counteracted by the Sun’s conjunction so between the luminaries there is a good balance between logic and intuition, ie clarity. The Moon will aid you in discerning how you feel about any matter under investigation while the Sun will sharpen logical facilities. Head and heart can work in unison. The Moon will give attention to detail, while the Sun will balance with a sense of the bigger picture and appropriate action.

Sun conjunct Mercury: This aspect helps sharpen the mental faculties and favours business, travel and any venture you wish to pursue. The Sun illuminates the mind and this lucid, clear thinking is good for aligning purpose and intention with action. Mercury presides over commerce and the attention to detail with respect to the procedural terrain that needs to be traversed to see things through. This clarity is useful in whatever area (house) this conjunction finds itself in.

With Mercury retrograde you may find yourself revisiting a plan or scheme that can benefit from the placement in this cardinal earth sign. Persistence, planning and strategy are the watchwords here along with ideas that you can take to the bank. Spend the time you need to research a project that needs nurture and competence.

Moon sextile Mars: This aspect funnels a lot of productive energy that takes the form of initiative, and is passionate around whatever is the object of your attention. This can show the ability to take action, defend your turf comfortably, and to express yourself authentically and with feeling! This aspect has you working well with others or in an independent capacity.

Sun sextile Mars: This combo is great for physical energy, self assertion, and for confidence and activities that channel the energy- be it teamwork, hard work, or exercise. Mars and the Sun are able to go after what they want and this combo could have you at the mast of the ship steering a project or determining and plunging into a course of action.

Bear in mind that Mars in Pisces, especially moving to conjunct Neptune is more discreet, emotive, creative, and able to work behind the scenes if need be. This can favour creative work or drive and ambition that is less ‘naked’ and more strategic. Mars and Neptune can be a bit sneaky, so be as forthright and honest with yourself about your objectives, direction and what you hope to achieve. The sextiles with Mars favour teamwork and cooperation so there’s no need to take the left hand path- rather work to bring others round to your point of view! You’ll find them amenable, even helpful to your endevours.

Sun/Moon conjunct Facies (8 degrees Capricorn) Like all stars found in nebula, they can cause ‘blindness’, both literal and metaphorical. Of this star Vivian Robson says:

Facies: The nebula in the Archer’s Face is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death. [Robson*, p.165.]

This description sounds alarmist and while it could be literal say conjunct the Ascendent in a natal chart, in a New Moon chart is merely a warning to make sound judgements, avoid deception (your own and others) and not be too ruthless or callous in your pursuits. Mars moving to conjunct Neptune echoes this warning. Not for nothing is Capricorn considered the general sign of world governments- leave the dissembling and half truths to these agencies and their ruthless agendas!

In the backdrop of this chart is Jupiter opposition Uranus still exact (within the degree) and is worth including in this discussion.

Jupiter opposition Uranus: Like all aspects with Uranus, this can be disruptive yet constructive taking the form of release from bondage in some form or other. Unexpected opportunities to lighten your load can come from external circumstances, people or events that change your perspective. With this aspect you may have the possibility of a course change, or a chance to let go of some baggage that has been weighing you down. This change could be liberating or upsetting or a measure of both. If you are the agent of change (rather than external events precipitating) try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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