What is the value of an astrological reading?

Astrology is a fantastic psychological tool to better understand our strengths and weaknesses. Comprehending karmic patterns of behaviour in order to gain insights into ways that harm and heal, and in so doing, to gravitate towards self-mastery.. Often we are neglecting our authentic path and confused about what we ought to do and when to act, or to opt out. Astrology offers a unique and objective insight into the way that we act, our motivations, what we are hoping to achieve, and moreover when to act, and when to opt out!

Timing is one of the most useful aspects of astrology. Often we are experiencing periods of extreme difficulty and we would better weather the storm if we knew when it was going to end! Conversely, when is a good time to take initiative in ventures? When will the odds be in our favour?

Most readings include a natal chart analysis along with a forecast for one year ahead. I utilise solar returns, important transits, progressions, planetary lords, and other useful astrological data. The reading itself will last between 1-1.5 hours. What is required for this type of reading is a relatively accurate time of birth, date, and place of birth.

For this type of in-depth reading I charge R750 ($90)

Horary Astrology

If you would like to ask a specific question for a shorter reading you may want to consider a Horary chart. This is an ancient question based form of astrology which is timed from when the astrologer understands the question. Examples of questions are

“How does she/he feel about me and will this relationship last?”

“Will I win in court?”

“Should I keep this job or take the new one I got offered? Will I be happier there?”

“Should I buy this house? Is the price inflated? Is it a sound property?”

These are just a few examples of questions one can ask, but the options are broad. The only requirement here is that you know what you are asking- by that I mean, have a pretty good idea of exactly what you want to know.

Horary questions are R350 or $45

There are a variety of other types of readings one can request.


A Synastry reading which analyse the relationship dynamics between two individuals. This is useful to discover points of tension, resolution, unity, and strengths in a partnership to improve symbiosis and understanding of significant others. The time, date and place of birth of both individuals is required.


Another type of reading is an Election chart. These are ideal for timing important events from a marriage, to a the opening of a business. This type of chart seeks to elect the most appropriate time for an event predicated on the astrological auspiciousness of that time. This helps ensure a preferable outcome for a planned event.

Please email for a quote for specialised readings.

A consultation can be arranged in person or on Skype. An appointment can be made usually within a week or two depending on your and my schedules. I can record the the consultation and send you an mp3 file.

If the reading is done via Skype, payments can be made via my PayPal account.

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    Hi Christana, I would like to book an in-depth reading with you.

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    Could I please have a reading regarding my career. Thanks

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